Friday, March 7, 2014

Time for another adventure!

Dear Family & Friends,

It is that time again for another motorcycle adventure! I am off for ten days of riding through Copper Canyon Mexico. A very remote part of Mexico with very rustic remote villages, spectacular views, and miles and mile of dirt roads... Sound like fun!
Copper Canyon is about five times bigger than the Grand Canyon in the USA so there is plenty of ground to cover... From there we will ride down to the coast and take an overnight ferry to the Baja Peninsula where we will ride north to San Diego.
There will great opportunities to meet interesting people and hopefully take some great photographs too...
Today I road from SLO to Indio, California. It was only 350 miles but it was my first day back on the BMW and it takes two or three days to get my ass in the proper shape to fit the BMW seat. So tonight I am sore and tired, but happy to be back out on the road.
I am a very lucky man for having such a supportive, loving wife that puts up with these trips..... or else she is just happy to have me out of the house.?
Any ways for the first couple of days there will not be much to report. It is just boring freeway riding across the desert. Tomorrow night I will make Tucson and then the next night Douglass AZ right on the Mexican boarder. There I will meet up with the other 13 men riding this event and my old friend Juan Stanglemier. A great guide, a great conversationalist, and one of the few men I know that enjoys eating as much as me..... 
Once I am in Mexico there is not internet every night so I will not be able to report every day but when I do there will be lots to tell and lots of photos.
Looking forward to it....

PS: The above link at the top of the page tells about the tour I am taking..

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