Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hola para Buenos Aires!!

Dear Family & Friends,

As of today I am off on a new adventure… The bad news is it is not on a motorcycle, the good news is I am traveling with my wonderful wife.!
This week I am writing to you from Buenos Aires, Argentina… 
As some of you may know my business for the last forty years has required me to fly to England quite often. Through my business connections I was able to fly first class at no extra expense. The service is wonderful but the big advantage is the leg room and being able to fold your seat down and sleep on a long flight….
Well flying to Argentina was a 14 hour flight and because it was not business we had to fly coach! I am spoiled… It was a brutal flight.. As you may know I am not exact petite in size and the coach seats are cramped at best… By the time we arrived in Argentina I felt like a cripple…
As soon as we arrived we met up with Bonnie’s sister and husband who had arrived the day before.. The were ready to go, so off we went to an exciting afternoon at an art museum… What more could I wish for?? Having traveled extensively I have seen enough art galleries and churches to last me a lifetime.. Still I was a good sport and feigned to be interested.. 
That evening I did get my way and we went to a great Argentine steak house. My in-laws are vegetarians so they definitely took one for the team going there. Argentina is known for it great meats and grills and they did not disappoint.. The steak was terrific but surprisingly the star of the evening was the assorted grilled vegetables.! A great dinner with some good red wine after traveling 36 hours and I slept like a baby…
The next morning we went out to see Buenos Aires..  What would anyone want to see in a beautiful city like Buenos Aires?? Of course we went directly to the Automobile Club of Argentina Car Museum.. No one is my family are car people so they were great sports to indulge me.
From there we went to the old part of town and just wandered. We came across a beautiful plaza where we had a expressos and watched some amazing tango dancers… The Tango is one of the most sensual dances you can imagine.. After watching them dance their seductive moves you understand why there are so may Catholics… Even Bonnie and I get a quick lesson and did a couple of moves.
From there we wandered down old side streets shopping in the various antique stores. I enjoying looking at antiques but an added bonuses was many of the shops included vintage motorcycles in their displays!
We finished the day off with a long walk along the river looking at shops, various sites, and  old sailing ships.
That evening we had lots of wine and various Argentine food along the river bank.. 
This finished off our second day of what looks like the start of a great vacation.


Welcome to Argentina!

Downtown Buenos Aires,, a real mixture of old and new.

This hole plaza was shaded by ONE gigantic tree!!

That is one single tree!

Oh Boy!! Off to an Art Museum after having traveled for the last 36 hours...

Now here is my kind of place... a car themed steak house! Will definitely have to dine there once!

Love the vintage Corvette in the sign..

A welcoming race car driver at the front door. Not Fangio but another local hero.

More English phone booths here than in London these days...

Even a London Shop.. I guess they have forgive the British over that little dust up in the Falklands...

This is just to show you that south of the Equator toilet do swirl in the opposite direction when flushed.. Also who's bright idea was it to make the toilet seats square?? Do you know ANYONE with a square ass??? Really. :(

Time for a car museum!! :)

Even a great collections of car models..

The original oil dispensers..

Another art museum... oh darn they were closed!! :(

EVERYWHERE! ! I hate seeing these when I travel. I don't want to go to places that I have at home!! :(

Amazing grace and beauty! So classy too.

What could be better than an antique store with a Ducati in the window!

Yikes!! Time for a Tango lesson. I am not sure this young lady knows who she is dealing with.. Mr. Two Left Feet..but it was her idea so if she is willing so am I...

By gosh I think I got it! If not I would gladly practice all day with her..

Wait a minute!!! Bonnie looks like she is enjoying this young man way to much! ;)

What a dashing couple we make! Grace in blue jeans..

This is the face my brother in law makes when he is having fun....

Motorcycles and antiques, the perfect combo

This old man was sleeping in his shop. He sold every antique measuring device known to man kind.

A car store,, how did I find this?? ;)

My brother in law showing me how much more fit he is than me... Thats a low bar to cross, pardon the pun.

A city with a  great mixture of old and new.

Did I mention they have great grilled meats in Argentina??

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