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Touring Ireland, England, Scotland and the Isle of Man by Motorcycle.

In the summer of 2018 I spent 6 weeks riding around Ireland then back to England where I met friends and we rode the north coast of Scotland, called the Scotland 500. After that it was back to Liverpool where we ferried over to the Isle of Man for the classic TT. A terrific trip, specially if you enjoy riding in the rain!

My trustee steed that has taken me all over the world.. ferried from England to Ireland for a fun couple of weeks of riding..

The first part of the trip was riding the western coast of Ireland. I wonderful country with beautiful country side, ancient ruins, and wonderful people.

The southern coast of Ireland.

This is actually a good size road in Ireland. There are virtually no major highways or as we would say Freeways.

Lots of narrow country lanes. One afternoon I got lost on one of these road and wound up in the front yard of an old farmer. I tried to ask directions but he only spoke gallic! Luckily his granddaughter spoke English.

Lots of charming coastal cities.

One afternoon I decided to go off the main roads and cross this mountain range. I stopped to take a picture and realized I hadn't scene another car or sign of civilization in over an hour. Here I am out in the middle of no where, by myself, on a motorcycle, having the time of my life! I hope nothing goes wrong.. ;)

A charming road side cafe , perfect for a morning stop.

Starting to head up the wester coast of Ireland. Such a wonderful place to travel.

In California finding a settlement that is a 150 years old is consider rare and exciting.. In Ireland lots of settlements thousands of years old!

A simple stone wall leading to a lost settlement over a 1000 years old!

On the road to the Cliffs of Mohr.

As I approached the Cliffs of Mohr the fog really settled in.

Not the best weather for photography but certainly dramatic.

This the castle at the Cliffs of Mohr. I stood at this spot for about half an hour before the fog lifted enough for me to see this!

A nice little inn to spend the night at.

An Irish highway..

Waiting for the ferry to cross the bay. The coastal road does not go around the bay so ferry is the way.

A beautiful day along the coast.

A night exploring Kinsdale. A very charming coastal town. Well worth a visit. Lots of good pubs and restaurants.

The Irish towns and villages are so charming and inviting. Always looked forward to a stop for a tea or snack or just to warm up!

Temperance Hall? I doubt it used often in Ireland..

Got to see a local parade!

I was riding along and came across this amazing model train layout. I had to stop and check it out. It is big and is out doors, rain or shine.

Hard to imagine this is all a model train only a couple of feet high at most.

Beer (Ale) is rather popular in Ireland... ;)

Another great Irish village to spend the night at.

Standing by the castle at the Cliffs of Mohr.. Imagine living in that stone castle with no heat on the usual damp cold nights.

Finally back in England and first stop was the town or Warwick. One of my favorites. A great castle and a VERY old town center. Built in the 1400s.

Got to visit the local pub!

The friends I met when I returned to the UK enjoying an evening out in Warwick.

Warwick is a very old city.

What says a fun time more than a pub named Giggling Squid???

We had to stop at the National Motorcycle Museum. The largest collection of British motorcycles anywhere. I have been going here for decades. These are my friends I am traveling with after Ireland. Brian, Mark, and Ian. Ray and Duane are not in the photo.

The mecca for anyone who loves British motorcycles. Literally at least one of every brand and model ever built.

This is a tribute to an intrepid rider who recent road around the world on a 1955 Matchless! I am going to assume he is not only a good rider but an excellent mechanic.

One of the famous canals of England.

Next stop is Stratford upon Avon. The original home of Shakespear.

This is the home Shakespear was born and raised in.... according to the local tourist board.

Next night we stopped in Malvern. A charming and old city and also the home to Morgan Motor Company.

Turns out there was a Morgan convention going on while we were there.

The next day on the road we stopped at this Biker Cafe for breakfast. The owner was quite a "colorful" lady. Salty would be more like it. She wanted us to pose for a photo with her when she suddenly grabbed my hands and tried to press them against her..... ;)

Some local bikers we got to talking with. The man in the white shirt was curious about us. He said he was the only "Jewish Biker" in this area. I then told him he was wrong since I was too. He was so excited he took off is normal cap and put on his yammaka. !

The next stop was the Lake District. One of the most beautiful parts of England.

Everywhere you look in the Lake District it is stunningly beautfiful!

We popped in for a spot of tea at a village in the Lake District. What distinguished gentlemen.

A wonderfully charming stop for dinner in the Lake District.

The Lake District is like the area time forgot.. It could just as easily be 1600s or 1700s or 1800s.

Nothing like a refreshing pint of ale with friends while on a motorcycle trip in the UK. Absolutely perfect time!

There are lots of lakes and it is very green in the Lake District because it rains.... a lot.

These walls are hundreds of years old. All built by hand with no cement, just stacked.

Now we are riding north out of the Lake District. We rode by this very old Church and had to stop and check it out.

Back to the coast line heading towards the Isle of Sky.

We spent the night in this charming sea side village named Port Patrick. A great time until Ray had a heart attack but it got sorted out quickly thanks to national health care.

A very charming sea side town.

Port Patrick is not a fishing village. It is a rescue village. It's mission is to rescue ships passing by that are in trouble. There is a monument in the bay for all the many ships and sailors they have saved. Today it is also a resort area with golf, art galleries and other sites worth seeing.

You would never guess this old rustic building is an art gallery!
We were the biggest "Biker Gang" in town..

This charming pub is over 500 years old!

Somehow my photos jumped ahead a week and here we are in Edinborough, Scotland.

Such an interesting city with so much history!

By the recommendation of a friend back home I went to visit the home museum of James Clerk Maxwell. Not a well known famous scientist yet he is right up there with Tesla, Newton, and Einstein. He was making amazing discoveries and inventions by the time he was 12!

Edinborough Castle.. Well worth a visit.

Irreverant humor is a British tradition.

This charming pub in Edinborough is where Sir Arthur Colin Doyle wrote most of the Sherlock Holmes stories!

In case you didn't know it most of the world thinks Trump is a total waste of time. And a real dumb f--k.

We are now leaving Scotland and heading over to Liverpool England to take the ferry to the Isle of Man.

Now we are in Liverpool at the ferry station waiting for our ferry to the Isle of Man. We have several hours to kill so we walk into downtown Liverpool and enter the Beatles District! This is where the Fab Four started out and there are lots of monuments to them. Real history.

The first club where the Beatles played before they were famous.

John Lennon and me.. Looking cool.

Time to board the ferry to the Isle of Man. About a 3 hours ride.

This couple rode their Vincent from Germany to the Isle of Man. They are very intrepid enthusiast!

All tied down and ready to sail. Literally hundreds of motorcycles all headed to the IoM!

This is the place you want to eat at the Isle of Man during the races. That is me standing on the track. In a few minutes the bikes will be racing by us while we sill behind that fence and eat breakfast.. Exciting to the max!

Standing at the start finish line of the races. In.a few minutes I was asked to leave and they started the races.

During the Classic TT there are amazing classic motorcycles parked everywhere. In front of the hotels is a Vincent Black Shadow some enthusiast rode there!

One minute this is a city neighborhood, then it is a race track.

Douglass is where we stay. It is right on the bay. In its glory days it was a Victorian resort town. The buildings are still elegant and beautiful, specially at night.

The port town of Ramsey.  Quaint but wild when the races go right through town!

Time for an evening ale. The gentleman on the left is Ian, a friend from England I met the last time I sent to the IoM. Half the fun of travel is making friends all over the world.

Night time on the Isle of Man is so much fun.

Thousands of enthusiasts riding their classic motorcycles from all over Europe.

Fairy Bridge is a famous spot on the Isle of Man. If you stop and throw some change over the bridge it brings good luck. We had a great and safe time so it must work.

We spent the day riding entirely around the island. I bet you can't guess why the town we are in is named Castle. ;)

Motorcycle ALL over the island. Where ever you stop.

Small motorcycle museums are all over the island. This one was under a store.

During the Classic TT every town and city has a motorcycle show. Lots to see!

The only gin made right on the island.

This is my modern BMW GSA motorcycle parked next to a 1951 Vincent. The Vincent was the biggest motorcycle built in 1951. Today it looks like a toy compared to my bike.

A few photos inside the Isle of Man museum. Lots of history there well beyond motorcycle racing. People have been living on this island for over 10,000 years.

People who live on the Isle of Man are called Manx men and they have a good sense of humor. These sexy post cards became a fad in the 1800s and are still made today.

Over looking the bay at Douglas.

Above is the start of the race, below is part of the race course. The races go around the island threw countryside and villages.

This is the private residence of a wealthy motorcycle collector and restorer. During the races he opens his collection up to the public and it is fabulous.!

This was another world traveler with an amazing collection of stickers from all over the world! I got a ways to catch up to him.

This is a gigantic car and motorcycle museum. So large for such a small island.

A wonderful model train collection too.

Time to go home. Notice my bike is stacked with Isle of Man souveniers. Riding back to London the front wheel was barely on the ground. A terrific trip. Ready to go on another adventure!!


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