Sunday, July 19, 2015

Day 7 of the Colorado MC Adventure!

Dear Family & Friends,

Today was a relaxing and easy day… Brian and I got up early and rode for a couple of hours. We took Rte 40 north over another pass. The roads name was Windy Loop Pass… On the map it looked like a plate of spaghetti and the road did not disappoint. It started out in a low narrow valley and wound it’s way up the side of a steep mountain. The elevation change was quite dramatic. Again at the top we stopped and took a few photos. From there we rode down the other side and into Steamboat Springs for breakfast. Previous to today we had been riding in Colorado’s old mining areas so the towns were very old, built in the late 1800s. (I know my English friends are saying that is not old, but by American standards it is old. ) so they have a lot of charm and are really beautiful. Today we rode into snow skiing country.. Obviously no one was skiing in the Rockies during the 1800s so the ski towns are relatively new. Not as charming but very lively with lots going on. Even in the summer there were people everywhere and festivals going on all over the area.
From Steamboat Springs we kept going north and it actually got cold and rainy. What a change from a week ago. From 117 degrees down to the 40s.. A 70 degree difference! 
By mid day we took another small road but not a high pass and went south again to connect to the main highway 70 going west. By the time we reached Rifle, Co. on rte 70 it was back to the high 80s! Riding here requires a lot of clothing changes.
Our goal today was to make Grand Junction, CO. About 300 miles total. About an hour from G.J. I get a text message and call from Duane. He was already there and wanted to know if we wanted him to reserve us hotel rooms. What a great guy! That took all the hassle out of finding a place to stay.
In the last two days we have ridden about 500 miles all on back roads. Duane road about 200 miles directly to G.J. and without planning we wound up at the exact same spot…
Where we are staying is right next to a Harley dealer that is willing to work on his Buell. So Monday first thing Duane is taking his bike in. Brian and I are going to ride down to Telluride , 2 hours away, for breakfast and wait a bit. IF Duane can get his bike fixed we will be back to The 202 Tour. IF not Duane will rent a truck and transport his bike home. 
Either way tomorrow is our last day in Colorado. Tomorrow night we make Utah and doing a little exploring there on Tuesday.
I have said that people in Colorado have a sense of humor.. Take a look at the name of this gas station and tell this is not some kind of joke…

Through the miracles of modern technology, my cell phone, the internet, and Ebay I was able to sell a car for a friend today and not miss a beat of my trip!
So far it has been a great trip but I am looking forward to giving my wife a  big hug and kiss this week.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado. A major ski town in the winter and festival and sports events in the summer.

The Windy Loop Pass. Definitely fun on a motorcycle or good sports car..

A pause at the top of Windy Loop Pass..

Is this gas station name sound dirty or is it just me???

We rode through lots of green valleys today with weather old farms everywhere..

Looking down on Steamboat Springs.

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