Saturday, May 16, 2015

Highway 1 and The Quail Motorcycle Show

One of my favorite things to do is either drive a fast sports car or motorcycle up Highway 1 from my home town to Carmel, California. There simply is not a more scenic and fun road to ride.. I rode up with a fun group of fellow motorcycle enthusiasts and went out for a good diner Friday night. Then Saturday I showed two motorcycles with the help of two employees from work.. Ah to be young.. I buy them a hotel room and a couple of meals and they think cleaning and polishing motorcycles is fun! If I win any awards from this show it is thanks to them.. 
I have been attending The Quail MC show since its first year. It is a world class show. I have seen the type of motorcycles being shown slowly change and my age group ages out of this hobby. Less and less British and American Classics and more and more European bikes, customs, and cafe racers. Not bad just different. Here are a few photos of the event.
Off to another great ride. This time on my classic restored 1978 BMWR100S. I love this bike. I had one new in 1978 and still enjoy it today. I will say that a day on it does remind how GREAT new motorcycles are......

This is one of the things I love about Highway 1,,,, even the views from the gas stations are spectacular!
A good size group of friends to ride with up Highway 1..

A group of friends stopping at the River Inn in Big Sur for a break on ride up. Terry, Phil, and Larry.
Part of the crack XKs Unlimited polishing team. Fraser Williams arriving less than 24 hours ago from England and already enjoying himself with a final clean and polish on my CBX Spondon...

The other half of the polishing team, Joe Ralston.. A great employee always full of enthusiasm..

Here was the only Morgan 3W in the show. Technically registered as a motorcycle with sidecar. This was brought by Dennis Glavis, the west coast Morgan dealer. He drove it up in the rain and it was filthy from end to end. Kind of nice to see a classic being used!

Quite a few restored Buells at the show. I have bought a few myself because I do believe they will be a future classic.  A great bike, kind of like the Shelby of our time.

The new Triumphs have really caught on with customizers. There were so many permutations of a basic design. Fun to see the creativity.

Still some of the what I consider the basic classics like Velocities and Vincents..

A lot of restored military motorcycles..

Another custom CBX and a direct competitor to my bike!! A lot of nice fabrication but nearly the paint job of mine.. Will see who wins..

The new generation of classics... Japanese bikes. The nice thing is even a 30 Honda is still a very rideable and reliable motorcycle!

Ready for the Judges...

Always great to see a Vincent Black Shadow One of my all time favorites but getting to expensive for me to even own one again.

Lots of interesting Harley customs.. I like this one because it is good looking AND functional.

I liked this very well done dual sport Sportster..

This motorcycle was called The Mystery Ship and was designed by Craig Vetter. I knew Craig at the time and I actually built the very first prototype of this bike.. My motorcycle claim to fame.

Even Goldwings are becoming classics... 

What a total waste of a Ducati motor!

Even Vespas are now collectable.!

Another Triumph custom..

World famous motorcyclists Terry and Phil... Our local super Brits..

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