Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Sonoma Historic Races with my daughter Sarah and Grandson Abel.. A fun weekend!

My Morgan racing team....

I don't know why but I really like Model T race cars.. This is a 1915 special. Very fast and reliable.

This car actually runs and drives!! Nothing stops a Model T!

Here is about a $20,000,000 race car. To bad all these classic have become dollar signs rather than just beautiful old race cars..

Nothing is sexier than Webers on a V-8.... At least automotively speaking.

My friend Robert Ryan and his perfectly prepared McClaren race car that he drives equally well!

My friend John Kerr and his wickedly fast Ford race car from the 1930s. 

I like these quirky British Sports cars,, this one is a TVR.


Lotus Elan 26R

You can own these beautiful cars for only $1,250,000 each....

Traditional American power,,,, a good ole Flathead V-8

The Morgan brigade..

A BEAUTIFUL Lightweight E Type Jaguar..

1915 Ford Model T race car.. Going on 100 years old and still active!

Here is 85 years of Morgan progress. Remarkable engineering! Can you tell which one was made in 1934 and which on 2014??

My beautiful and smart daughter Sarah picking our her first classic car as soon as she has an extra $20,000,000 laying around..

WOW!! My grandson gets to try out all the cool cars!

His frist time at the races and I think he enjoyed it..

Trying out a McClaren for size....
Ending the day with a family selfy.. :)

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