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Friday, January 15, 2021
Day 7 Dear Family & Friends, Today was one of those surprise days.. We knew we had a fairly long ride from Nampa, ID to Bend Oregon and we thought it would be mostly flat, boring, highway through eastern Oregon which is mostly high desert. We left Nampa early and headed west on the freeway for about half an hour and then...
 Dear Family & Friends,Today was a great day... Notice the photos, blue sky and no rain!! YEAH...We spent the day playing tourists in the city of Edinburgh. Edinburgh is a very old city with a lot of history and it is a beautiful city too! First we walked up the Royal Mile to Edinburgh Castle and spent half they day...
 Dear Family and Friends,After a relaxing day at sea we stopped off at a Greek island named Mykonos… A more picturesque example of a Greek isle would be hard to find… It looks like something from every travel brochure about Greece ever made. Basically a barren rock dotted with typical Greek white buildings with colorful doors and windows, very...
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Dear Family & Friends, I am not even sure what day it is.. I have lost all concept of days and dates.. sign of a successful vacation! So to get you caught up. Yesterday we were finally got to see the Isle of Skye. Five years ago when  Duane and I were on a motorcycle trip here we attempted to get...
A typical day at work.... www.xksmotorsport.com
If you like this wall clock click here to order on line...If you like this clock you can order it on line by clicking here. Something fun to drive to work on a sunny day..... :)
Dear Family and Friends,   The last couple of days I toured the local country side with Bonnie and her friend Mireille in a car.. Taking in the local sites and taking in to much shopping, gin, and food. All good fun.  One of the highlights was a beautiful B&B we stayed in. One of the nicest places I have stayed so...




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