Dear Family & Friends                   Monday August 10th?

Let’s get caught up since it has been a couple of days…..

Saturday we left the city of Victoria on our adventure ride. In motorcycling “adventure” usually means off road riding, but to get to the dirt roads we had to ride a couple of hours along the southern coast of the island.

The ride was beautiful as always in British Columbia. After an hour we came to a hidden cafe in a giant forest. We almost passed it up but turned around because it looked so inviting. We certainly weren’t disappointed. The atmosphere was beautiful, lots of other motorcyclist there, good food, and the man that worked behind the counter had to be one of the happiest people on earth! Dancing, singing, smiling, and just seeming to love his work.. A good way to live if you can figure it out.

After breakfast we rode a bit longer and stopped at a scenic turnout for some photos. There we met an unusual man, Frank Bush. Frank was a computer programmer by trade but his passion was survivalist training. He was telling us how he goes out into the woods weeks at a time and records training videos for his own YouTube channel and makes money at it. We asked him wasn’t he concerned about being out there all alone for so long and he said no one would miss him if anything happened so it didn’t really matter and the worse that could happen is he wouldn’t have to pay alimony anymore.. So we reminded him that at least one person would miss him if that happened but I don’t think that cheered him up..

Then he started to explain some of his skills. He bent over and picked up a local weed and explained the flower was 20% protein and the leaves were full of nutrients so in a bind you could live off these for while… the only draw back was they were a natural source of estrogen so if you ate them to long you would grow breast… Then he asked us where we were going and we told him Lake Renfrow and then the 80 mile dirt road/trail to Bamfield.. He warned us that is NOT where you want to go. Too tough and dangerous and most likely either we would get hurt or the bikes would break from the pounding. That was rather discouraging.

We rode another hour to Lake Renfrow and asked a young man about our plans. He was friendly and said on motorcycle you should have no problem..

So it seemed the odds were at least 50/50 we could do it so off we went.

The first 20 miles were not too bad but then the road got rougher and rougher, lots of rocks, lots of pot holes and ruts and steep up hills. 

Pretty soon I was wondering if we made a good decision. On top of that we hadn’t seen another person or car in over an hour so if something did happen to us it would be a long time before they found us. Then you start thinking about accidents, bears, being stranded out there and no one knowing where we are and the most terrifying thought came into my mind.. What if we got stranded out there for a couple of weeks and started eating the weeds the survivalist told us about and I came home with a pair of “D” breast!! I know Bonnie would not be happy…That was scary enough so I concentrated on the road and kept riding. 

For most of the ride I brought up the rear but about 45 minutes from the end I had had it and opened up the gas. I passed both the guys and got to the motel and checked in before they got there. The problem with being last is you eat everyones dust for hours on end plus when you go a bit faster is smooths out the bumps. I had lots of dirt bike racing experience from when I was young so I felt right at home picking up the pace. The BMW GS bike fully loaded with all my gear, 8 gallons of gas, and me weigh close to 850 pounds yet handle amazingly well in the dirt and I never bottomed out the suspension once.

Eighty miles took us almost 5 hours so you can see we were not going fast. We finally made it to Bamfield where we checked into the only lodge there. I wouldn’t call it a town, more like a fishing village.. I don’t want to say it was remote but no cell service, no TV, no pavement, one restaurant, and very marginal WiFi. But at leasts they had good gin and tonics…

I was dirty and dusty from head to toe.. A good shower would feel great but unfortunately my shower had NO water pressure so a sponge bath had to do.

As hard as the day was, it was nothing that a good gin and tonics and a good meal wouldn’t cure…

One problem that did arise was that night that we all noticed  when my motorcycle was idling it was making a rather odd erratic clicking sound.. Not good. After 43,000 miles of traveling around the world this was it’s first problem.

The next morning we decided to split up. Ray and Brian would keep riding to another remote village but I found there was a  BMW motorcycle dealer back in Victoria so I headed back. I certainly didn’t want to break down out here. I would practically have to just abandon the bike since there would be no way to tow it out..

So in the morning rather than go back the way we came I headed north to Port Alberni. That was “only” 38 miles of dirt road and then I could connect to a paved highway back to Victoria. So I took off bright and early. I wanted to take it slow since I was riding by myself. Luckily this road was a bit smoother and had some traffic. I would see a truck or jeep go by about every 15 minutes so if something did happen someone would find me.  The 38 miles took me 2 full hours to ride. Slow going. At one point a man driving a 4X4 whizzed by me. He had to be doing 60 mph on very unsuitable roads.. About an hour later I passed him, or at least what was left of his truck down in a ditch.  Totally smashed.

To give you an idea how rough the roads were on some sections people screwed hub caps to various trees from where they rattled off cars going by.

So tonight I am in Victoria in a hotel two blocks from the motorcycle repair shop. Hopefully they can get my bike sorted out quickly and I can rejoin the guys in a day or two.

That’s all, now you’re caught up.


“Creative Writing uninhibited by grammar or spelling”

Our first breakfast stop…
The happiest man on earth.
No shortage of beautiful views.
Another wind blown look. Those coast lines and bay are teaming with crabs, clams, and salmon. If you like seafood this is the place.
Survivalist Frank Bush.
“Here you go, try this and grow some breasts”
Port Renfrow.
A very cool sculpture.
Our first few miles of dirt.. this isn’t so hard. famous last words.
Filthy one end to the other. As a GS should look
Hub cap trees all along this road.
Finished off the day with some good Japanese food in Victoria.

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