Dear Family & Friends              Wed. Aug. 7th

Well it has been a long couple of days but I think victory is at hand.. I made it to the BMW dealer in Victoria but the service department was closed, they didn’t stock parts, and they didn’t sound all that bright so I thought I best make it to Seattle. If the bike needed major work I wouldn’t want to leave in in Canada and try to ship it home later. Shipping across boarders is expensive.

So I rode down to the ferry and bought a ticket back to Port Angeles. It is fun taking the ferry with a motorcycle. They stage all the motorcycles together before loading so you meet people from all over that share your passion for motorcycles and travel. I met three men from Mexico City, Mexico that rode all the way to Canada just to tour. They saw the travel stickers from Mexico on my bike and immediately we had something to talk about. Very nice men.They wanted me to tell you no matter what the president says not all people from Mexico are bad… 

Then I met a couple that had been riding around Victoria Island BC on Ducati sport bikes with low bars. They were real enthusiasts and gluttons for punishment. Ducati sport bikes are not designed for long trips. They were both tech people from Portland off on a  vacation. We talked for quite a while. I would have guessed they were in their 30s but the women told me her 50th birthday was coming up! Wow did she have good genes.. As a side note the next night the woman friended me on Facebook and we chatted for a while. She and her husband plan to come to my area someday for a tour so I told them to look me up. Sounds like a good excuse for a BBQ.

When we left Victoria it was already getting hot, low 80s and beautiful blue skies. Half way over the crossing we ran into a fog bank as thick as pea soup. The ferry had to slow way down because you couldn’t see anything. I really expected to see the Black Pearl emerge from the mist.

I landed in Port Angeles and immediately started riding down the coast to Seattle. Riding anywhere in Washington is beautiful! I went through some town that was so perfect it didn’t look real. Every home was a perfectly manicured Victorian era home as where most of the business buildings and church. The lawns were perfect, the white picket fences were perfect. It just didn’t look real. It came and went so fast I didn’t even see the name.

Next I crossed a long bridge to an island in the bay. Half way over the traffic stopped for a ship passing. It was a draw bridge. We sat parked for about half an hour so most of us got off our motorcycles or out of their cars. The elderly couple in front of me started arguing. Apparently the wife wanted her husband to turn the car off and he strongly explained to her that once he started his car he never turned it off until he got where he was going.. Just in case it wouldn’t re-start.. A rather cautious man. He seemed rather grumpy but when he came over to talk to me he was quite friendly. One thing I can tell you is people in the Pacific North West DO NOT LIKE people from California. When he asked me where I was from and I told him I got a very negative response. And this was certainly not the first time.

Once on the island I rode another few miles to another ferry port where I took a short 20 minute ride to downtown Seattle. From there I went directly to the BMW dealer to see if they could work on my bike. They were very busy but said bring it back first thing in the AM and they would take a look.

The following morning they started up my bike and seemed as perplexed as I was to the noise but after the tech worked on it for a couple of hours he finally found the secondary coil on the left cylinder was arcing and causing the sound. My bike is ten years old and they don’t stock parts for older BMWs, in fact it is their policy not to even work on them! They called BMW parts warehouse and got my replacement coil coming over night express. 

Tonight I had an enjoyable dinner with my cousin Rick who I don’t get to see very often so it was fun getting caught up.

So hopefully tomorrow I can just swing by mid morning and they can plug in the new coil and I will be on my way to meet Ray in the Cascade Mountain Range for a few days of touring. Brian is visiting a friend and we will meet up again in Portland.

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Evidently the men from Mexico like to tour on 3 wheeled motorcycles..
Entering the Washington fog bank.
Parked on the draw bridge waiting for it to close. Really no problem. The views were great and the air smelled wonderful.
The wait and the car in front of me was the one that never stops until it arrives.
The second ferry going into downtown Seattle.
My reward for the trip… a delicious dinner of Korean BBQ.!

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