Dear Family & Friends           Sunday Aug. 11th

Today I have a day to wonder around Portland. Tonight I meet up with my daughter and her terrific husband John. I really enjoy Portland. I call it a big little city. Lots to see and do but it never seems too crowded.

So this morning I decided to take a long walk. I really needed the exercise after almost two weeks of sitting on a motorcycle. As I walked into downtown Portland I took a photo of a beautiful park and posted it on FACEBOOK showing I was in Portland. Literally minutes later I get a call from a friend back home, Clem Salvadori telling me I needed to check out a very cool pub decorated in motorcycle decor! The power of FACEBOOK. 

So I found the place on my phone GPS and walked over there for lunch.The decorations were fabulous. Vintage motorcycles everywhere, floor, walls, and hanging from the ceiling! Also lots of road memorabilia everywhere. It was a good old traditional dark wood pub. I went in and there were only three men inside. All completely hammered and wanting to talk. I sat down and the waitress came over and gave me a menu and asked what I wanted to drink. She left and the drunk sitting next to me wanted to talk my ear off. I am not sure what happened to my waitress but after 25 minutes of listening to the drunk try and make small talk I just left. I am not sure what happened to her since I was the only customer there ordering food. Maybe next time. It is certainly worth seeing.

Next I walked over to Powells Book Store.One of the biggest bookstores in the world and always a stop for me when I come to Portland. New and use books on virtually every subject you can think of.

From there I wandered down toward the river bank. On the way I past Voodoo Donuts. Word famous for incredible donuts. I was severely tempted but luckily the line was around the block just to get a donut so I resisted the temptation but I did take a picture of the place and posted it on FACEBOOK..  

Again minutes later my phone rings! IT was a motorcycle friend I used to hang with when he lived in the central coast. A couple of years ago he moved to Washington State just across the river from Portland to be closer to his daughter who lives in Portland. He had just seen my post on FACEBOOK and he and his wife were visiting the local art museum! So I took a 15 minute walk to to the museum and had a nice hour plus visit with Dennis and his lovely wife Mary. Very nice people and it was great to see them again.

After that I continued my walk and of course I had to check my FACEBOOK account where I saw that my riding friend Brian had just arrived in Portland! So now I would have a good riding buddy for the rest of the trip.

We met up and that night and went out with my daughter Hannah and her husband John. We went to KTOWN Korean BBQ for dinner and the food was terrific. So was the company. I always love seeing the big smile on Hannah’s face

So that was my day. I did mange to get a 6+ mile walk in.Tomorrow morning Brian and I will meet Hannah one more time for breakfast and then we start heading south. We will stop off in Eugene to visit a friend who has a very cool classic motorcycle restoration business and then cut over the mountains to the coast where it is cooler and the roads more interesting.


“Creative Writing uninhibited by grammar or spelling”

One of the many beautiful parks in Portland.
Lots of classic architecture .
Amazingly the closed an entire freeway for a bicycle event. There must of been a monumental traffic jam at the end of the closed area.
A good old fashion Irish bar decorated in motorcycle motif.My kind of place.
Just a few drunks enjoying a Sunday morning hammering.
Motorcycles wherever you look!
A great evening out with Hannah and John. Lots of smiles.. 🙂

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