Friday Aug.2nd

Dear Family & Friends,

Another day, another adventure….

We got up this morning to what seemed like a beautiful day. We decided to ride for an hour before breakfast so up the coast we went. Beautiful scenery and great roads. I was the ride leader and when we entered a small quaint town on the coast a funky cafe/diner caught my eye…. they featured CRAB! So Obviously we had to go there. It was colorful and funky, my kind of place. We went in and the place was very busy, a good sign. The waitress were young women heavily tattooed.

Our waitress was friendly and you could tell at one time she was a beautiful young women, but today she was head to toe tattoos and piercing’s.. Oh well. I ordered a crab omelet and it was easily the best crab omelet I’ve ever had. Full of BIG chunks of sweet, firm crab meat. The other guys had equally good breakfasts. I believe Brian had a seafood burrito that looked awfully good too.

As we were leaving I went up to pay my tab and our waitress had taken off her sweater. I was totally shocked!! On her shoulder and upper arm was a large tattoo of a dead rat that had been dissected with it’s guts coming out on her arm.. What was she thinking??? What was the statement she was trying to make?? Did she think it would be equally “cool” in 20 years?? Oh well, not my problem.

After breakfast we took off up the coast. Our goal was to make it to northern Washington that night so we could catch the ferry to Victoria Island the next morning.. Well our goal was suddenly in jeopardy as unpredictable northwest weather hit. The sky became thick with fog and pissing rain! Not cold, but wet and very hard to see. We slowed way down and just crawled up the coast. After about an hour and half we stopped for gas and discussed our options. We could cut inland where it was dry and actually quite hot and roads there were mainly freeways with lots of traffic. Not our first choice. We figured we had about 50 miles to the cut off to decide. Luckily after about another hour the weather started to break. It was still cloudy but at least dry. Our concern was after Astoria, OR we could cross the Columbia River and start riding through the Washington State rain forest.. Kind of known for rain….

We got to Astoria and stopped for coffee and decided to try going through the rain forest, how much wetter could we get?

To get to Washington from Astoria you cross the Columbia River on a GIANT tall bridge about a mile long. As I rode over it the sensations reminded me why I love motorcycling. First off you have unobstructed views everywhere. Second every sense is stimulated. My ears heard the rush of ocean winds all around me, my body felt the wind pushing me and the bike around, and my nose smelled the fresh sea air rushing in off the ocean. All great sensations and very rewarding.

Once we were on the Washington side of the river we took a highway right up into the mountains and forests. Another thing I love about motorcycle travel is there is always a surprise around every corner… We had been dreading the rain in Washington but as we entered the forest the skies cleared, and the air temp went up ten degrees and we had an absolutely delightful afternoon ride!

Our day ended at a very small town right along the water. The motel we checked into was on its last legs. Rather tired looking on the outside, but the rooms were clean, neat, and cheap, but amazingly had a million dollar views over looking the bay! As a plus each room had a patio, a BBQ, and came with a crabbing cage to catch your own dinner! Unfortunately after a long day we were too tired to take advantage of that feature so we walked into town and had a good dinner at a local diner called the Model T.

Over all another great day.  Tomorrow I will be report from Victoria Island, Canada with any luck!

By the way all that BS yesterday about traveling with good friends??? Today my ass was really sore from riding so much and NONE of my good friends would give me a massage!!.  😉


“Creative Writing uninhibited by grammar or spelling”

Great place for a crab omelet, or any breakfast!
Did I mention they serve crab?
I like a funky diner..
Our tattooed waitress. Friendly and efficient but the tattoos!!!
The place has a sense of humor, I like it.
The Astoria Bridge going from Oregon to Washington. An impressive bridge but specially on a motorcycle!
Our funky motel..
But what a view from my room!
Out for dinner at the classiest places.

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