Dear Family & Friends

Another report, I don’t even know what day it is. I am losing all track of time, which is a good thing.

OK first off on the last report I misspelled MASSAGE. I know how to spell it but it was a typo. My friends will give me a message, but not a massage… I will say that I normally write these reports around 9pm after a full day of riding motorcycles, dinner, a glass of wine, and I am totally exhausted. On top of that I am not a great speller so anything goes. Now I am sure many of you notice my spelling mistakes but my wife Bonnie and a friend of mine Dave (who is a professional editor) always have to email me to point out my spelling mistakes. What they don’t realize is I know they ENJOY finding my mistakes so I intentionally add them to my writing to make it like a word game for them… yes I am too kind.. 

So this morning we got an early start to make it to Port Angeles in time to catch the ferry to Victoria Island.. We rode for about half an hour before breakfast. The ride was perfect. A meandering road bordered by dense forests on one side and ocean bays on the other. Early in the morning the sun light filtered down through the trees  and sun light reflected off the water. Another day that makes me appreciate being alive and how fortunate I am.

After another hearty breakfast NOT approved by the AMA and we rode another hour and checked into the ferry port. From there we walked around the town of Port Angeles.. A small city with lots of interesting street art everywhere. We poised by some just for something to do.

Back at the ferry loading area we met a man from Iceland and his girl friend riding a Harley. When you share a passion for travel and motorcycles there is always something to talk about so we share travel stories and advice.

The ferry ride over to Victoria Island was easy and relaxing. We arrived at Victoria, the capital and I always enjoy visiting here. Such a beautiful big city, but today it was really jammed with tourists. It is a three day weekend due to some Canadian holiday and there is all sorts of special events going on. 

It was difficult and expensive to get a room tonight. Everything was booked so Brian and Ray booked their own room at one hotel and I booked separately at another hotel not knowing either location. As it turned it we were two blocks apart so it was all good

We met up at a local pub for a drink and dinner and called it an early evening. Tomorrow we go off road on old logging dirt roads and explore the back woods of Victoria Island. Hopefully where we stay they have Internet….

For photos of today go to:


Ray flirting with some street art.
Brian making new friends
Lined up and waiting to load the ferry.
The “GANG”
Hard a work planning our trip while on the ferry to Victoria
Some views of Victoria harbor as we approached our destination.
This is why Canada can afford public health care, a clean environment, and quality education.. This is the Canadian Royal Navy coming out to great us.. Cost much less than what we spend on our navy.
Waiting to clear customs.. The Canadians now fear gun toting American terrorists.. 🙁

“Creative Writing uninhibited by grammar or spelling”

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