Dear Family & Friends             Day 2

I have to say I woke up today quite sore.. Twelve hours on the bike for the first day was a bit much. We only traveled 350 miles, but they were slow twisty miles which takes more work. Plus sitting that long just makes you sore. Specially the first day.

As usual I still woke up excited to ride today. Brian had the day planned out. He kept talking about an area call the “Lost Coast”. I never heard of it but I was game. 

We started with a one hour ride and stopped for breakfast in Willets at a place called The Hungry Lumber Jack. Obviously with a name like that we ate a hearty breakfasts that would carry us all day. 

We then rode another couple of hours up the freeway until we were within 50 miles of Eureka. I was a bit confused because I knew Eureka was where we planned to stay that night and it was only 12:30 so where were we going?

We then exited off the freeway and headed down a very small remote road. That led us to an amazingly lush green redwood forest with ferns and filtered sunlight every where. The views were spectacular. We rode along the twisty narrow road enjoying the forest for about half an hour then the road started climbing a mountain range. To say the road got rough would be a massive understatement! Pot holes everywhere. It was obvious the state was not spending our gas tax on this road, it had not seen new pavement in decades. Some sections had deteriorated to dirt, which was ironically smoother than the pavement! After an hour of climbing we started descending down the other side. We stopped at a VERY remote general store for a cold drink. The store had the basics, a laundry mat, and a post office that was open one day a week. Some incredibly rugged individuals must live out here. From what I could see it was mainly cattle ranching and I am sure a few hidden pot farms. 

After we left there Brian warned us the road actually got worse! And he wasn’t exaggerating. I am sure my filling and teeth are loose from all the jarring but eventually we came out of the mountains to amazing views of pristine remote beaches. Actually quite windbarren, they reminded me more of northern Scotland than California.

We stopped and took a few pictures and then continued to ride. The road followed the water and rugged beaches for about 5 miles and then it cut inland and we had the same mountain range to cross over again! Luckily this part of the road was rough in a few areas but over all much better.

When we finally came out of the mountains we decended into a small town called Ferndale. I would highly recommend visiting there. It looks like main street Disneyland with beautifully restored Victorian buildings everywhere.

From Ferndale we had an easy half hour ride to Eureka and then on to Arcata where we are spending the night.

Tomorrow we should be on the Oregon coast by mid morning and that is a much easier road to ride so tomorrow should be very relaxing.


“Creative Writing uninhibited by grammar or spelling”

Riding along the “Lost Coast” below Eureka.
Entering the redwood forest.
Entering the forest.
After hours of riding through redwood forests and winding mountain roads this was our first view of the lost coast!
What a great place to ride a motorcycle. Beautiful views and absolutely no traffic!
Ferndale is like traveling back in time.

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