Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for all your support on this year’s Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride. This is a motorcycle event to raise funds for men’s health issues. Mainly prostate cancer and mental health issues ( I think we can all agree men need help there).
The weather was perfect, the attendance was strong, I think everyone enjoyed themselves and we raised over $9000 for a good charity!
Next year we have plans to make the event even more fun so stay tuned and save the last weekend in September 2019 to attend.
Thanks again for your support.
If you have never seen a DGR event go to my blog for lots of photos of motorcycles, well dressed gentlemen and nice people!

The women behind the event that make it happen and provided all the good food!

Our stop at the Pismo Beach Pier.

The women will say they worked the entire time but they did have some fun…

Look at the sheer joy on his face for  attending the ride!

The names Bond, James Bond…

Lots of stories shared and general BS.

The perfect example of distinguished gentlemen..

Suave and debonair…

Our smallest participants.

More of a pirate look than a gentleman.

The ladies choice for the most distinguished gentleman award..

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