Monday August 27th.


Dear Family & Friends,

Yesterday was pretty much a wash out. Heavy rains and wind so the Jurby event was cancelled which was to bad since that is one of my favourites.
We spent the day in a local pub watching Formula 1 races and walking around town a bit. I really like the city of Douglas. It reminds me of a beautiful woman who is a bit past her prime.. You can tell at one time this was a stunning place but now it is starting to fray about around the edges.
The place has so much potential if a wealthy developer would come in and restore it and promote it for some other use other than motorcycle racing twice a year. It does have live theatre, good restaurants, museums, art galleries. It just needs more tourists and things for them to do. Also no one comes here for the weather.. Your never going to get  a tan here but if you want to rust, this is the place.
Today the weather cleared and there were lots of motorcycles out and about and racing going on.
There is actually two events going on this week, the Manx TT, which is racing for modern motorcycles, and the Classic TT, which is racing for classic bikes.
The modern bikes are frighteningly fast, but my passion is for the vintage stuff so that is what I took the most  photos of (and even they are pretty darn fast). 
So if you want to see what the pits look like, all the bikes the enthusiast ride here, and the actual racing go to my blog. I even have a few short videos of the actions to watch there.

See how beautiful the wether was this morning?? Click on this link to see what the weather looked like 24 hours ago…

One of the local pubs…it has been around  a while.

A pre-diner toast

The event I came to see, the Classic TT! Here are some links to see short videos of the action.

Everywhere you look there are classic motorcycles of all kinds.

This man was riding a motorcycle that was close to 100 years old!!

An interesting custom Honda CB750

Lots of classic race bikes. Even these 60+ year old bikes can go well over a 135MPH!

Lots of modern racers too.

I have met this man many times and many events. always dressed as a different character and very entertaining.

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