Sunday August 12th

Dear Family & Friends,

Another couple of days of fun and more adventure..

Friday morning we left Warwick and rode north for about 20 minutes to what else? A motorcycle museum.. The National Motorcycle Museum is a great visit. I have been going there for over 30 years and still love it! They have basically one of very British motorcycle every built.. I love it. Some of us enjoyed it more than others…. Before we left I had to get Bonnie a nice souvenir so I got her a tea towel with lots of British motorcycles on it. I know she will love it. Am I too thoughtful or what??

From there we rode south to Stratford upon Avon and had lunch and did a quick visit to the birthplace of Shakespeare.. Again I have been there many many times so it was not as exciting for me but the others needed to see it.

From Stratford the guys decided I should lead the group to Malvern since I know the area and the best routes. We took off and a block later there was a Y in the road. I bared right and the rest bared left! So much for leading.. They had there GPS’s set for fastest route and I had mine set for back roads.. They had a boring 1 hour ride and I had a  wonderful 1 1/2 hour ride through gorgeous back country side, small stone villages, and beautiful rivers and forests. Why they didn’t follow me is beyond me. I know this area and know what I am doing. Their loss.

Friday night we had a relaxing evening at the Abbey Hotel in Malvern. A classically elegant hotel in the finest British tradition. The hotel was part of an  Abbey and Monastery that was originally built in 1057AD and had been converted into a  hotel around 1550AD.. Did I mention this country is old??

The food was good, the gin and tonics were good and overall it was a relaxing evening. Which was good because we had a long ride the next day. 

Our next stop was the Lake District.  In the morning we rode for a couple of hours on back roads through the country side and small towns..  

On one point we passed a motorcycle cafe (quite coming in England) and decided to stop for a cup of tea. The owner, a women I would guess in her early 40s came out and greeted up. Extremely friendly and welcoming with a raunchy vocabulary that would put our president to shame!! In the interest of a G rating I will not repeat her stories in writing . You will have to ask me when I return…

Out side were lots of tables with various bikers drinking teas and coffees. We started talking to many of them that were curious about our American accents and my California bike plate. One man was particularly friendly and started to tell me about himself. He claimed to the the only Jewish Biker in the county. When I told him I was he was so excited he immediately took off his biker hat and put on his Yamaka! I had to get a photo.

When we left the owner came out again and we took a couple of group photos with her. Again her raunchy humor made it into the photo but you will have to go to my blog to see it…..

We passed though the town of Cheshire. For those of you who have read Alice in Wonderland you will remember the invisible Cheshire cat? Well this is the town they come from. There are actually still quite few of the cats roaming the area…. but of course you can’t see them.

From there Ian (our British friend) suggested we have lunch in Chester. We agreed thinking that Chester was another small town we could get in and out of easily. As it turns about it is a fairly large city with LOTS of traffic. We lost a good hour or more getting and and out of downtown. It was too bad we lost the time but the downtown was interesting since Chester is an old Roman city and the down town still has quite a few ruins left from the Roman era.

After lunch we had no choice to but to get on a freeway and ride for about an hour and half to get by a series of larger cities and up to the lake District. At least the weather was good. Eventually we arrived at the lake district and we spent about 45 minutes riding around one of the larger lakes to our hotel. The area is absolutely stunning.. I had been here on my motorcycle 5 years ago but at the time it was raining so hard (that is why they have lots of lakes) that you literally couldn’t see more than 50 yards at a time so I missed most of the scenery and was so concentration on the road that there was no time to site see anyways. This time we rode along the lake and passed though one small village after another. Each one looking like something out of a fairly tale story. Someday I hope to bring Bonnie here.

By the time we arrived a good solid rain started. We had an evening gin and walked up the road to a local inn for dinner.. All and all a relaxing evening.

The next morning (today) it is still raining so we are having a relaxing morning. I am writing this blog, and some of the guys are doing laundry. If the weather lets up we will go for an afternoon ride.

Tomorrow we continue to ride north into Scotland.

For lots of photos and more commentary go to my blog at:


A bit of unrelate humor. I figure even if my writing and photos are bad you might like a bit of humor?

As you might have guessed by now the British like to drink. I am starting to notice outside the pubs in the public squares you find public heat defibrillators.. 😉

OK I am sure you have heard me gripe about all the different shower configurations throughout Europe. I spent quite a while trying to figure this one out.. Which knob is volume and which one is temperature?? How do you turn it on? It may seem obvious to push the button at the bottom but after 5 minutes of pushing and turning knows I finally figured out the switch for it was a pull string coming out of the ceiling on the other side of the room. Makes perfect sense??

First stop, the National Motorcycle Museum. The Mecca for lovers of British motorcycles. The photos below are probably just 10% of what is on display!

What a great front brake??

You’ve heard of the three cylinder Triumph motorcycle called the Trident? Well here is a prototype of a four cylinder model they never built called the Quadrant.

Here was a prototype of a modern DOHC motor to compete with the Japanese bikes but by the time they designed it, it was too little to late and they had run out of money to build it.

This is a display commemorating a 70 year old man that road his 6o+ year old motorcycle for 11,000 miles around the world a few years ago!! Maybe there is hope for me yet..

One of the original canals used to move freight around England in the 1800s.

Here and below is our quick visit to Stratford upon Avon.

Which one looks more like Shakespear, the character above or below??

British style Corn Beef and Hash.. it was very different than our version of the dish but still quite good.

Our hotel in Malvern, The Abbey. More than suitable for a bunch of bikers..

Below was our diners in Malvern. Just so you don’t worry no one is going hungry.. Not only are the motorcycles much better than when I started riding, the food is too!

A salmon something.

Crab cake.. one of my favorites.

A French style pork belly with beans.


So sort of beef brisket stew.

For desert a beery crumble.. Berrys make is somewhat healthy??

Fueling up on a British breakfast before a long days ride.

While we were in Malvern (the home of Morgan Motor Cars) they were have a Morgan meet at the hotel.

A traditional British motorcycle cafe.

The owner of the cafe posing with us for a photo. Just before the photographer snapped the photo she grabbed my hands and put them in front of here. I felt so cheap and used..I am more that just a cheap thrill!! 😉

The man with the Yamaka on is the only Jewish biker who lives in the are but for the day there were two Jews on bikes, an invasion! By the way I have a small pony tail going now and he has a large pony tail in his beard!

Downtown Chester.

My kind of restaurant. Eat, Drink and Sleep..

Our very elegant rooms in the Lake District. Just because we are on motorcycles doesn’t mean we have to rough it??

Our lodge for two nights.. Very nice. The only problem is we don’t have formal enough close to be allowed into the dinning area for dinner!

We slummed it walked down the road to this place who would serve us dinner in the bar..

An evening walk in the rain.

“SERGIO” waving good night..

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