Dear Family and Friends,

This morning Hannah and John headed home to Portland and Bonnie and I flew off to Milan, Italy to continue our vacation.
The flight was easy and we were in our B&B by 4pm, just in time to watch England beat Sweden in the world cup! We are staying in downtown Milan in a modest but charming B&B.  It is not a fancy hotel but it is right downtown, priced reasonably, and actually very nice inside. 
After watching the World Cup and resting up a bit we decided to go for a walk and diner. We looked up what was rated an excellent restaurant but on the way there we came across a great place called The Bar Tender. It was on a small green, with out door seating (which is nice because it is quite warm here, even in the evening) and they had a terrific special. For about $15 you get your choice of a large mixed drink one of the best  buffets we have ever had. 
We each ordered a Aperol Spritz and started on the buffet. It was a huge assortment of some of the best Italian food we have ever eaten, all sorts of meats and sausages, all sorts of pickled, cooked, and grilled veggies, pastas, salads, and other delights. Every time we looked in they were bringing more and more different foods out. We couldn’t even taste half of what was there.
Of course in my usual fashion I checked in on FACEBOOK with a photo and a link saying where we were.. With in minutes some old friends of ours from Italy showed up!! Turns out the live near where we were eating and we are FACEBOOK friends so once they saw where we were they came over immediately. It was so great to see them. The young women we met about 15 years ago as a friend of another friend of ours in Italy and we have stayed in touch. When we met her she was barely out of her teens and of course now she is a grown woman, married, with two children, but still a classic Italian beauty!
After seeing them we made plans to get together tomorrow.. Looking forward to it.
After a diner where we ate way to much we took a walk around. The neighbourhood where we are staying is not prime but reasonable. Suddenly all the streets in four directions were blocked by police and after another block we came across a large crowd protesting against racism and anti immigration. Turns out the whole world is struggling with this issue.
So that is about it for tonight, just a quick note mainly about the power of FACEBOOK. for a few photos go to my blog.


Where we are staying, a working class neighborhood of Milan.

Looking out from the patio of The Bar Tender


A good drink to relax us and to cool us down.

Surprise surprise! Our friend Chiara just shows up after seeing my post on FACEBOOK.

Bonnie, Chiara and her family. We have made long lasting friends from all over the world.. I am sure it is Bonnie’s charm and warmth that does it.

A bit more of the buffet.. Back on a  STRICT diet when I get home.

Walking around after diner we came across something you don’t see everyday,, a combination flower shop and bicycle repair shop..

Where we at, The Bar Tender

The start of the protest area.

Lots of security and law enforcement.

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