Saturday July 7th

Dear Family & Friends
Bonnie and I just finished up a week in London with our daughter and son in law Hannah and John.
It was so good to spend time with them.
It was one HOT week.. England is having a major drought and heat wave this month. It has been four weeks since it has rained and the country is in panic mode. Grass is turning brown, water use restrictions  are in force, and it has been in the mid 80s everyday.. or as we say in California a normal July….
Our week was a world wind tour of museums, site seeing, shopping, and even a good Noel Coward play, The Ideal Husband… I asked if the play reminded her of me… no answer. 
I even managed to get a visit into a couple major classic car dealerships in London.
I have been traveling to London for 40 years now and I still love it, such an exciting international city!
I had one of my first major senior moments this week…. I was walking down the street taking photos and observing the sites when I accidentally tripped off the curb and fell right into the street in front of an on coming bus.. A young man heroically grabbed me and yanked me back to the side walk. I thanked him profusely even as I was majorly embarrassed. I was also quite sore for a few days. Not sure if it was the fall or the yank back! Looking forward to getting back on a safe motorcycle!
Lots of politics going on in London. This week is gay pride week with lots of celebrations going on.. It seems to be such a none issue here.  Why can’t we all just get along???
Also lots of plans being made for Trump’s visit next week. Sure wish I was going to be here for that. Lots of welcoming plans being made. Here is an article about the plans in the local news…
So thats about it.. today Hannah and John fly home to Portland and Bonnie and I fly off to Italy. I have to say after a month on the motorcycle a few weeks off feels good but I am looking forward to riding  soon.
Also a very special thanks to our good friends Aubrey and Flickie who have opened their home to me and my family on and off for most of the summer. Without their hospitality and help we couldn’t do this trip.
Go to my blog for LOTS of photos of London and more commentary.

The iconic London Eye.. A great ride on a  clear day. You can see the entire city of London for miles. Well worth the wait.

The Parliament building.. Even though the latest James Bond movie shows this building being blown up, it still stands..

Buckingham Palace. When the Union Jack flies above it the Queen is home..

London has such an interesting mix of very old and traditional architecture and this ultra modern sky scraper. I was here a few years ago when the glass building was first unveiled. A hot day hit London and the reflection of this building melted all the plastics trim off a new Jaguar parked below it.. They have since added an anti reflection coating..

The National Portrait Gallery.. If you want to see paintings of famous people go here.

No shortage of unusual architecture in London!

London Tower where many a man and a few women met their untimely death.. This is also where the Royal Jewels are stored just in case your thinking of a life of crime..

We spent a day at Nottinghill. Every Saturday they have a street fair with all sorts of antiques and interning things for sale.

Lots of antique silver

Even an occasional classic motorcycle..Bonnie, just one more??

Artisanal Nitrogen Ice Cream??? What the heck is that…??

Doesn’t that sound like a delicious steak??

For a little culture we went to the British Museum. An amazing exhibit of human history including the Rosetta Stone.

Some beautiful African Art..

Ancient Egyptian art.

The actual Rosetta Stone.. This discovery enabled archelogist to finally decipher ancient languages have four inscriptions, three in unknown languages and one in a known language.

The very first Star Trooper..

I was really thinking when I saw this..

Next was a  visit the V&A Science museum…lots of British humor

The motor that won the skies of WWII. The Rolls Royce Merlin..

One of the original Mercury capsules from early space flight.. To bad kids today don’t have such exciting events in their ives.. I loved following space adventures as a young man.

The outside of the Victoria and Albert museum. The museum was built in the 1800s as a monument to Prince Albert’s untimely death. 

The Museum of Shopping…

Here is a sad commentary on life today.. I grew up playing with slot cars. It helped make me the car mad man I am today. Harrods used to have half a floor devoted to slots cars.. This is all that is left and they are selling it off. Young boys just don’t have the passion or interest in cars and building things..

Harrods is colorful

The Food Court in Harrods is amazing. Any kind of food in the world is there.

The Harrods Tea Room.. Any afternoon you can have a cup of tea and a few scones for only about $75…

Looks like a futuristic BBQ but it is actually some sort of medical device..

Want a plate? Only about $25,000 for a set.. nothing is cheap at Harrods.

Fortnum and Mason.. A great place to shop for ridiculously expensive tea and sweets but it is pretty to look at.

The world famous Piccadilly Circus..

Businesses in London tend to stick around a while.

Every city in the world has a China Town.

Even in London. I heard it was quite good but I don’t go to London to eat Mexican food!

We even did a river boat cruise up the Thames. We did the total tourist thing.

One of the very few photos my family allowed me to take of them…

The theater district. We saw a classic Noel Coward play, The Perfect Husband.

I guess I better not drive there..

Regent Street in London. One of the great shopping streets of the world…

Picadilly Circus at dusk..

American culture is everywhere. American Oldies Music from the 1950s and 1960s is even more popular here.

A monument to Lord Nelson, the admiral who won the Battle of Trafalgar for the British. He was actually killed towards the end of the battle and his body was stuffed into a barrel of whisky to preserve it until they returned to England..

Covent Gardens was the old flower market for London, now it is shopping, music, and street entertainment.

Another great shopping district.

The ceiling of the British Museum.. A work of art in itself.

The guitar center of London. Music stores up and down this street.

I am not sure what this stuff does but the name sounds obscene.. 😉

All over London Hollister has an exotic mystic in fashion. Evidently no one in London has actually been to Hollister….

Here is a travel advert all over London. Notice the exotic hotel in the background? For my non- San Luis Obispo friends that is a local hotel in our town.. 

Endless street performers

The London MG dealership!

TALK TO THE HAND… evidentially whatever I was doing or saying to my wife she had enough of it… 🙂

London’s China Town.

Bonnie was going to buy me this but I couldn’t fit into it.. 😉

I could do a photo book just on English pub signs..

This building has been in use in London for over 500 years!

Another favorite stop for me, Handley’s is the worlds biggest toy store.. I guess I am just a kid at heart. Unfortunately their slot car section is disappearing too.. 

The iconic London cab. Unfortunately they are starting to replace this model with mini-vans… 🙁

Bonnie and I had to try one…  🙂

I would hate to be abnormally beautiful.. Luckily I dodged that bullet.

At first I didn’t see the “G” in the name and thought what an appetizing name for a steak…

Another marketing genius that came up with this name.

Enjoying an evening out in London at a sidewalk French cafe.

The original Punch and Judy pub.

The floating Yoda was a novelty five years ago, now they are on every corner of London. Come on guys get a little creative.

I was actually afraid to go in there… A little to over the edge for me..

My kind of store, selling fashion with a vintage Trials bike!

Gotta love the British sense of humor..

Some fairly tall women in London.

A free concert in a small London park.. They were a grade B Eagles impersonation band..

It good to be the king.. 😉

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