Dear Family and Friends,

The last couple of days I toured the local country side with Bonnie and her friend Mireille in a car.. Taking in the local sites and taking in to much shopping, gin, and food. All good fun. 
One of the highlights was a beautiful B&B we stayed in. One of the nicest places I have stayed so far on this trip. I have taken quite a few photos of it for my good friend Milt, the most knowledgeable scholar I know.. The  entire theme of the B&B was literature. Each room was named after a famous writer and the downstairs had a wonderful reading room. I wish Milt was there to share it with us, I know he would have appreciated it.
We also visited a famous port town of Cobh (But is pronounced COVE). It’s claim to fame was the last port the Titanic visited before it’s fateful cruise.
It also has a wonder church there. I was sworn off visiting churches only because I have been traveling in Europe for over 40 years and after a while they all start to look the same (this one too) but it did give me some great scenes to photograph so I hope you enjoy tonight’s photos.
Tomorrow I am back on my motorcycle and off to Gallway. It has been wonderful to spend time with Bonnie and but I am ready to ride again and see new horizons..

Just a fort we passed while driving around…

A great 500+ year old door..

I don’t know what this sign means, but I like it.. Looks racy.

Now I finally know where the Odd Couple retired to.. Kinsale, Ire.

We went to a local steak house and had an incredible meal. Usually Europe can’t keep compete with the USA for quality beef but this was very close. Your basic 22oz. T bone.

The inside of the steak house. A beautiful old stone building.

Bonnie had pork ribs which she says were the best ever!

The outside of the writers themed B&B. Beautiful inside and out in Kinsale, Ire. Don’t worry it was a long steep hill we had to walk up to get back here after that big steak dinner.


Milt, this place was made for you!!

It was light out so Dracula was not in..

One of the reading areas… I could spend a week here.

The Catholic Church in Cobh.

Over looking the bay where the Titanic docked its last time in port.

A monument to The Titanic

Went to lunch in a  traditional American diner.. Sometimes food you are familiar with is just plain good!

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