Saturday June 16th

Dear Family & Friends,

Before I get into today’s activities I would like to address a comment I received from a friend of mine.. (I do consider him a friend even though we have very different political views)

He emailed me to question my comments about people I am meeting here not liking Americans or Trump. He accused me of only reporting the negative comments do to my political leanings.

First  if I implied that  people here don’t like Americans I am sorry.. I have not received any negative comments about the people of America although I have had many comments about how Americans could elect such a poorly qualified and dishonest man to be president. To most here it is rather obvious he is unqualified, uneducated or oblivious about the facts, and a bit of a con man.. That being said I will honestly report ANYONE I meet here that likes Trump and will certainly want to know why. I don’t think it is a Conservative VS Liberal issue here, just that he is not qualified and dangerously erratic and impulsive. One man I talked to was terrified of Trump yet his favorite US president was Ronald Reagan so obviously he leaned towards the conservative point of view.

Any one that knows me knows I am not shy about expressing my beliefs and opinions, maybe to a fault but I also try to be respectful of others opinions and when and if I hear of good opinions about Trump I will report them, especially for my friend who’s name I shall not mention to protect the innocent…

So today Bonnie and her friend Mirrielle and I went touring by car around the Dingle peninsula. Even though I had just done the same tour a week ago you see things from someone else perspective you may not see yourself. IE When I went to the seaside town of Dingle by myself I saw a beautiful bay, a quaint village, and lots of pubs… When I went with Bonnie and Mirrielle I saw enumerable clothing shops, souvenir shops, and art galleries. Who knew they were there, even though I walked right by them.???

I do think perception of humans is so subjective.. In Ireland they have more pubs and gambling shops than any place I have ever been yet they are a highly religious and seeming moral people.. How the two interest reconcile is interesting. And this is certainly NOT  a criticism of the Irish people whom I really like. I think this is a human condition that happens all over the world. We certainly some how justify conflicting moral tenants in the USA…

Another example of different perceptions is my current shaggy hair look. I posted a photo on FACEBOOK of a selfie I took today. (you can see the photo below) and the reactions were:

-Hand some


-The Mad Professor from Back to the Future movies

-Totally mad

-A minor trim and I could be in the next Most Interesting Man in the World commercials..

-A shaggy dog

All perceptions from the same photo. So who knows. Give me your opinion.

So that is my ramblings for this evening. Go to my blog for more photos of the spectacular areas I am visiting and more pontifications about life here..


You know you are in a rural county when tractors and earth movers warrant their own magazines!

A road side pub from the “Famine” Era when buildings were made completely of stone, including the roof! Not sure why but that is what I was told.

A bare bones cafe, no frilly signs, window dressings, or other decorations..

Just a beautiful building in Dingle.

The Dingle Church..

This collectable store had this special cabinet with nothing but Americana. They still do love Americans even if they think we are nuts for having elected 45..

Great name for a coffee shop!

As you can see the Round About signs here are quite easy to understand…

I try and make friends wherever I go….

Love the Pub signs.

I have always been a big Sherlock Holmes fan so it was good to finally discover where Holmes arch rival was hanging out,,, Professor Moriarty

Bonnie trying out the latest in Irish fashion.

Here is where the Captain lives.

After pubs the second most common shop are hair dressers..

This pub is almost 300 years old!

Mr. Shaggy? Mad Professor? Most Interesting Man in the World? Just a mess?

There was a fair amount of the latest StarWars movie was filmed on the Dingle Peninsula so it has definitely left its mark here. This is an advert for an up coming Star Wars Festival..

Lots of betting shops.

Lots of pubs. but this one definitely offers an unusual mix of services…

I am impressed how international food has become in the UK and Ireland. For lunch today I had prawn and Chorizzo risotto.

Some more photos from our shore line and mountain drive today.

Here is a great idea for my business. Who would have thought of combining used car sales, auto repair, and funeral services? See you learn something new everyday if you try.. Our motto” Customers are dying to get in”?

At first I thought these two bulls are just good friends but then one of them had other ideas and got just a little too friendly with the other.. It did not end well.

One evening we went on a several mile walk along the coast near where Bonnie is living this month. Amazing views.

Bonnie and her friend Merielle.

Unrelated to my trip but I had to post this as a proud father. My daughter Jessica has been studying live improve comic acting.. Last night she had her first live professional performance and gained a graduate certificate and a big applause and enthusiasm for her performance.. Who know where this will take her but what ever she does I am proud of her…

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