Dear Family & Friends,

Today I am warming up my blogging skills since next week I am off on a two week motorcycle trip..

Thanks to my daughter, Jessica’s redesign of my blog I now have space to cover cars & motorcycles, travel, and food.. Todays blog will be cars and food.

Every year in Santa Margarita, CA they have a 1/10 mile drag race for any car powered by a pre 1932 Ford four cylinder motor. It brings out quite an eclectic assortment of cars and people.

I started out the day meeting several of my friends for breakfast. In Santa Margarita there is a great restaurant called “The Southern Station”. They offer a great assortment of comfort food, but I go there for their specialty,  Chicken and Waffles. I know at first glance it is an odd combination but it actually works great! It has the sweet and savory flavor combination that is so good. The origin of this dish was not actually from the South. It was originally served in Harlem, NY.  When musician’s finished playing in the local nightclubs its was 3am. or so. They couldn’t decide between eating a late dinner or or an early breakfast so they ordered a combination.! As a side note my father used to go to Harlem in the 1930s for the great music and nightclub life.. He even had his own Zuite suite!

The friend chicken they cook would be great on its own, but this is served on a waffle and I added a slight drizzle of maple syrup. Now some people will say this is not the healthiest of meals, but I try and eat as healthy as a I can so I ordered my waffles made with blue berries in it.. An excellent choice both for flavor and health! As a bonus this one meal fills you up for the entire day…

After breakfast we headed over to the Santa Margarita Ranch. This is a fun place to see on its own. The ranch used to be an old Spanish land grant founded in the 17 hundreds. It was a huge ranch covering tens of thousands of acres. So big that at one time it had its own rail station to bring in supplies and take out the cattle that was raised there. There is also an paved landing strip for private planes. Perfect for racing old bangers.

I have been restoring this 1915 Ford Model T Speedster for the last few years so this was it’s first outing. Visually it was a big hit with lots of compliments.. Performance was  leisurely at best… The stock Model T has 22 HP, with the modifications I did to the motor I figure I had 26hp. At least there was absolutely no chance of whiplash when accelerating. There  wasn’t a three speed bicycle that could beat me!!  My first pass at the drag strip I manage a terminal speed of 26mph! OK not terribly impressive but at least it didn’t break down and I looked cool driving it. The next pass I managed a blistering 32mph!! With such performance and no problems with the car I figured I would quit while I was ahead.. (Temperature was quickly exceeding 100 degrees F).

It was a great time.. I saw lots of old car friends, I had several friends come out to cheer me on, and met lots of new interesting people. When you share a passion for anything it is easy to meet new people. Below is an assortment of todays action. Next report will be from my next MC trip starting next Tuesday.


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