Day 5

Dear Family & Friends,

Today was our last day at the BMW rally. It is quite the event. Amazing number of vendors selling everything you could think of for motorcycle touring. They also had all sorts of demonstrations and seminars and different subjects. We also went to a bike show there for vintage BMW motorcycles which was way cool and then I talked to several tour companies and attended a couple of seminars on motorcycling around the world..
So many exciting places to ride and travel.. Several trips I saw there I am definitely adding to my bucket list.
A two week tour around IsraelI and Petra, Jordan.. That trip looked amazing! If any of you have seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? Petra is where they found the last night guarding the Grail.. What an amazing place that would be to ride a motorcycle to! And of course Israel has so many historic spots to see and riding along the coast would be delightful.
Another trip that I want to do is the tour company ships your motorcycle to the very tip of South America, we fly down there and ride the motorcycle all the way back home! What an adventure!! About 7 weeks.
Another tour that I have been looking at for several years now is a two week ride around Cuba put on by Motodiscovery. I would like to do that one soon before the country changes to much. From what they described it sounds like a wonderful ride and the people are so warm and friendly, and are just as curious about us as we are about them. Interesting thing I learned is that there is no restrictions in Cuba by the Cuban government as to who you can talk to or where you can go.. The restrictions are from OUT government. To get a US visa to visit there you my sign a document promising that you are going there to meet people and teach them about democracy and capitalism.. Right now with our screwed up government that would be a tough sell. Luckily there is no real enforcement of the law, it is just politics…
Then another very interesting tour company is based in Slovenia and runs many tours around the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Austria and Poland. The starting point is only a couple hour ride from Venice. Bonnie’s dream is the spend a summer in Venice. I could stay with her for a week or two at a time, go out on a tours and come back and spend time with Bonnie. Do that several times and that is a great summer!!
The only problem is how to pay for it all? A GO FUND ME PAGE?? I doubt anyone would support that .. IF I can sell 200 subscriptions to my blog for $10 per week just while I am traveling that would do it.. If I charged every spammer that posts adverts for Celias and Viagra on my blog I could travel 365 days a year!
Tonight we went out for a great Mexican meal. (I know not exactly on the diet 🙁 )
The name of the place was The Red Iguana and their tag line is “Killer Mexican Food”. They weren’t kidding.!! It is just dive place, family run but the food was terrific and after a 100+ degree day the Margaritas were quite ENJOYABLE!..
When we looked on line for a restaurant they have a rating system and out of 1300+ restaurants in SLC this one was rated #5! Their other locating was #4.. The place was even featured on the TV show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and they have several photos of Guy Fierri when he was there…
Tomorrow we get going EARLY in the AM. This week has been record heat for Salt Lake City and we are ready to get out of it.. We have about a two day ride to get to Oregon where it will be cooler but at least every hour on the road away from here it should get a bit cooler.
Tomorrow our goal is Nampa, Idaho. Nothing special about the town as far as I know but it is an easy day ride and they have a great WWII air plane museum so that will be worth seeing.
Good night all!


“Creative Writing uninhibited by grammar or spelling”

This BMW has been owned by the same rider since new, over 40 years! And it has over 320,000 miles on it. That is enthusiasm..


Riding demonstrations too.

This one company offered many tours around Europe all leaving just two hours from Venice.. Bonnie…. 🙂



“The Place” to eat in Salt Lake City!

Guy Fierri, “The Man” of travel food.. I want his job.. Maybe if I dye my hair and get a few tattoos??
One Happy Camper…
A meal fit for a Mexican King.. or instead me.. One test for me is if the Mexican restaurants salsa is good you know the meal will be. This placed passed both tests..
A women sitting next to us was eating this Molte dish.. Looked great…

What could be better than a Mariachi band playing Santana!

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