Day 8&9

Dear Family & Friends,

OK I missed a day! It was a late night last night…..
So Tuesday I left Bend, Or. on my own. My riding buddy Brian needed to head home for work. I really enjoy riding with him, but riding solo also has a special charm. Being on the road alone gives me a total sense of freedom with the open road in front of me and not having to answer to anyone.. it is a great feeling.
Heading north out of Bend I rode for about an hour across the eastern Oregon high desert then started to climb into the mountains. To get to Portland I had to cross the Mnt. Hood mountain range and national forest. As I climbed in altitude it got cooler and cooler until I actually felt cold. It was a wonderful feeling after all the heat of last week! The outside temp was in the mid 50s and with the windchill factor of a motorcycle at 70mph it feels like the 40s..
Also the scenery was greatly improving. As I entered the mountains it started to look like traditional Oregon, pine trees everywhere, running streams, jagged mountains, and snow! It was a delightful ride and I was in Portland by early afternoon.
That night I went out to dinner with my daughter Hannah and her wonderful husband John. A terrific couple that are both incredibly smart, thoughtful, and enjoyable to be with.
Now I have to tell you a personal side of the visit… As some of you may know Hannah has had MS for the last ten years. It is a difficult condition to deal with and she has always done it with determination and a smile on her face. She reminds me of one of the inflatable punching figures that no matter how hard you hit it, it bounces right back.
Two weeks ago Hannah had a bad fall (MS affects your balance) and she face planted herself agains one of Portland’s hardest lamp poles.. She hit it so hard her teeth left dents in the pole!
When it happened she never called us, a few days later she called and was laughing about a “silly” accident she had that required a couple of stitches in her lip… Well in typical Hannah fashion she didn’t tell us the entire story because she didn’t want us to worry but actually she broke a tooth and had to have it capped, split her lip requiring stitches, cut her chin requiring stitches, and fractured her shoulder bone…!! As she told me the entire story all she could do was smile and laugh about it.. Never an ounce of self pity. She also wanted to apologize to her Uncle Steve, who was her orthodontist, for damaging the great work he did on her!.
As she told me this I couldn’t help but be so impressed with her fortitude and modesty. No complaints and just excitement about a new project she is doing at work and how she didn’t want to miss it.. She was also excited about studying new computer skills for work. No looking back, no complaints, no self pity. An amazing young women that I am very proud of!
So we all went out for dinner. Hannah was excited because her stitches were healed enough now to eat solid food. So we had a wonderful evening out, getting caught up on life.They are also both very interesting to talk to because they are both so smart and well read. Far more intellectual than me.. As an extra treat Hannah and her husband John treated me to dinner!! Wow they are grown ups!!
They are really a wonderful couple that really seem to compliment each other. I wish them all the best.
The next morning I met Hannah and John for a quick breakfast before they went off to work and I started riding home.
I have decided to cut my trip short by a few days for several reasons. My apologies to Rick, Bob, and Murph who I was hopping to visit..
So I rode down the US Highway 5 down to Salem and then exited and took a nice scenic route over the mountains to the Oregon coast.
Down the Oregon coast is one of my favorite rides. The road is great even though it always has traffic, but riding at a slower pace allows you to look around an appreciate the spectacular scenery. I even stopped a few times and took photos, stopped for some delicious crab cakes, and another stop for coffee and just made a leisurely day of it..
Tonight I am back in California staying in Crescent City.
Tomorrow I have about a 6 hour ride down to Berkeley, I will stay the night there and first thing Friday I head down the street to Emeryville to check out a Ferrari at Fantasy Junction. One of my customers is paying me to do it for him. It is a tough job but someone has to do it…


That’s it for tonight!


“Creative Writing uninhibited by grammar or spelling”

Mount Hood , Oregon. Beautiful from any angle in any season.



Arriving in Portland…
Any city built on a river has a special charm
A wonderful and loving couple. They so support each other in so many ways.. reminds me of Bonnie and me. I am sure they will be as happy as us too.
Out for dinner and celebrating solid food for Hannah!
Riding down the spectacular coast of Oregon.. What’s not to love??
If you look carefully there is a big sea lion just under the surface..

Its hard to see but there is a large Sea Lion just below the surface.

Who wouldn’t want to ride a motorcycle down a coastline like this?!?!?!
Selfie Time!
I have been riding by this boat for decades. Each year there is less and less of it remaining. There may not be to many more photos of it to take

I have been riding past this boat for decades and each year there is less and less of it showing.. There may not be to many more photos to take!
The mouth of the Rogue River.
A scene like this just makes you want to hop on your motorcycle and go!

A scene like this just makes you want to get on your motorcycle and ride!

Just so you know I don’t eat unhealthy all the time… fresh berries, yogurt, and granola.. I am so ORGANIC!! 😉
The Oregon coastline has terrific seafood. Some fresh Crab Cakes for lunch.. One of my favorites.. 🙂

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