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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
                  Thursday August 9th Dear Family & Friends, This is the official start of the Old Farts United Kingdom Motorcycle Tour (OFUKMT). My four friends from California arrived in the UK Tuesday afternoon. Duane Leib, Brian Louwe, Ray Reid, and Mark Johnston. All from the SLO area and the Coast Riders Motorcycle Club.  I rode my motorcycle down to Woking to meet them at...
  Thursday June 26th   Dear Family & Friends,   One more week down. A very full week spent in the wonderful country of Belgium. First a little commentary…. Wow has it been HOT in Europe. This is the hottest, driest summer I have ever seen here. It has been in the mid to high 80s every day and it is 98 today in Brussels!!! Normally...
Thursday June 19th Dear Family & Friends, It is amazing what a difference 125 miles can make..  Last Tuesday we rode a train from Lake Como, Italy, to Lucerne Switzerland.. The difference it so dramatic you wonder how humans could be so different yet live so close together. Lucerne is a large city right on a lake. It is a beautiful city in...
Monday June 16th Dear Family & Friends, It has been five amazing days at Lake Como.  I have been to Lake Como several times over the past 6 years on various motorcycle trips. Most of the time with my friend Duane who is a great riding companion but for a romantic week in Lake Como he can’t compare to my wife Bonnie....
  Thursday July 12th   Dear Family & Friends,   Another week, another adventure. Bonnie and I have just spent the last 6 days in Milan and Florence, Italy. Our visit to Milan was wonderful. Milan is a large and very contemporary city mixed with classic beauty. The heart of the city is the Duomo Cathedral and square.  Bonnie and I have both been to Milan...
Saturday July 7th   Dear Family & Friends   Bonnie and I just finished up a week in London with our daughter and son in law Hannah and John. It was so good to spend time with them. It was one HOT week.. England is having a major drought and heat wave this month. It has been four weeks since it has rained and the...
Thursday June 27th Dear Family & Friends, After I left Cambridge I continued riding east. I spent the night in a  classic British B&B Pub and relaxed with a good dinner and a gin and tonic... The next day I planned to ride to a friends classic car business on the east coast of England. The east is much dryer than the west side...
Monday June 25th   Dear Family & Friends,   I now have absolute proof of global warming… The weather is England is unbelievably good. Clear blue sky and it is getting warmer and warmer.. Today it actually reached the 80s..!! The prediction is for record heat this week. It is hard to believe I am in England except for the beautiful countryside. Last night I stayed...
Friday June 22nd Dear Family & Friends, Still so much to see and do and I need to be back in London in 5 days to meet Bonnie, Hannah, and John… busy, busy, busy. First there is always a funny moment or two on every trip.  If you have looked at the photos of my bike is has large aluminum boxes on it....
Thursday June 21st Dear Family & Friends, As I said in the beginning of this trip, I have no schedule and no fixed destinations….. So I got up Wednesday morning in Galway, Ireland, facing another windy, drizzly day and thought to myself…. I think I have seen enough of Ireland.. After two weeks of riding,  all the coastlines, cliffs, beaches, and bays are starting...




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