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Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Dear Family & Friends,As some of you may know September 4th I am off on another 9 week motorcycle ride around Europe with my friends Duane and Kim.. Since it has been  few months since I have done any long rides I thought I would warm up my riding skills, my butt, and writing style by taking an 8 days...
The MECCA for great sports car design!Amazing vision to think of this kind of aero dynamics in the 1930s!The first electric powered wheel designed by Porsche. This was eventually used in a Hy-brid car 100 years before current ideas!Glad they didn't build this one.. :(Still one of my all time favorite shapes for a race car...!!A real "Drivers" car...Duane...
 Dear Family & Friends,This weekend I went racing... With all that has been going on in my life it was probably not the best time but it was a race I entered 3 months ago and my wife encouraged me to go.. The one great thing about racing is you think only about one thing and all other worries...
Another busy day at www.xksmotorsport.comVariety is the spice of life... :)
Friday June 22nd Dear Family & Friends, Still so much to see and do and I need to be back in London in 5 days to meet Bonnie, Hannah, and John… busy, busy, busy. First there is always a funny moment or two on every trip.  If you have looked at the photos of my bike is has large aluminum boxes on it....
Dear Family & Friends                   Monday August 10th? Let’s get caught up since it has been a couple of days….. Saturday we left the city of Victoria on our adventure ride. In motorcycling “adventure” usually means off road riding, but to get to the dirt roads...
Friday August 24th Dear Family & Friends, Thursday we left The Gateway Inn in the Lake District and rode a couple of hours to the Liverpool Ferry Port for our trip to the Isle of Man. The weather was good and the ride was easy. We arrived 5 hours  early so we had time to kill.  We decided to walk around downtown Liverpool....

This will be me riding over the Swiss Alps in less than 30 days...
Thursday June 21st Dear Family & Friends, As I said in the beginning of this trip, I have no schedule and no fixed destinations….. So I got up Wednesday morning in Galway, Ireland, facing another windy, drizzly day and thought to myself…. I think I have seen enough of Ireland.. After two weeks of riding,  all the coastlines, cliffs, beaches, and bays are starting...
October 15th Saturday?Dear Family & Friends,Yesterday we said good bye to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. I loved the area but riding a motorcycle there is challenging to say the least.. When it is over, no matter how difficult it is,  you always look back and say, “WOW that was fun”.. We took off in the morning and rode about 45...




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