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Saturday, October 24, 2020
If you like this wall clock click here to order on line...If you like this clock you can order it on line by clicking here. Something fun to drive to work on a sunny day..... :)
All packed and ready to roll... Looking forward to a drive up HWY1A stop in Cambria for lunch..I am lucky to be married to this beautiful woman... Over looking Big Sur.Even 928 Porsches are collector cars now..Showing the SS100 at the Carmel by the Sea Concours.The Pacific Grove SMALL CAR SHOW..The oldest and newest Jaguar sports cars parked across...
Dear Family & Friends,Today was one long day!! From 7am to 10pm non stop... Sometimes this business is actually work..Bright and early I was off to the track and worked our vendor booth until 3pm... The crowds were decent and we talked to lots of new and old customers.. The day was certainly good for business. Saw a  lot of old friends too. The...
Oct. 19th WednesdayDear Family & Friends,Well the adventure continues… Kim is home safe and sound and I am relieved. Duane and I left Rome and started working our way north. For two days we just blasted up the highways from Rome to Florence and then Florence to Lake Como. The highways here are FAST.. We cruised at 85-90mph and...
Monday June 25th   Dear Family & Friends,   I now have absolute proof of global warming… The weather is England is unbelievably good. Clear blue sky and it is getting warmer and warmer.. Today it actually reached the 80s..!! The prediction is for record heat this week. It is hard to believe I am in England except for the beautiful countryside. Last night I stayed...

This is the Stelvio Pass road. This road goes from Northern Italy across the Alps. It is the second highest road in all of Europe. Looking forward to riding across it.!!
Here is a great motorcycle for sale.. You won't find a better touring bike for the money.. Go to this link to see more..EBAY listing for more details..Here is a one of kind Buell Cafe Racer for sale:Ebay Buell Cafe Racer Sale

The Isle of Man TT, What an event!!This will definitely be one of the high points of the trip. Aug. 23-26 I will be on the Isle of Man for the Classic TT race and motorcycle festival. Will post lots of photos and reports!!

Hola Para Uruguay!

Dear Family & Friends,Another two days of our South American adventure…Yesterday we spent the day exploring Montevideo, the Capital of Uruguay. I never realized what a small and peaceful country Uruguay is.. The population is only about 3 million and there is no national or widespread religion here. Even Easter and Christmas go by different non-religious names down here...
Just had one of the best drives of my life.! Just drove down Hwy 1 from Monterey to SLO. Beautiful scenery, a great driving road, and no traffic!! ( I left at 6:45am to avoid the traffic) An amazing drivers car too. I made the trip in record time.. I don't want to brag but before I left Monterey I had...




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