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Friday, January 15, 2021
Dear Family & Friends           Sunday Aug. 11th Today I have a day to wonder around Portland. Tonight I meet up with my daughter and her terrific husband John. I really enjoy Portland. I call it a big little city. Lots to see and do but it never seems too crowded.
Saturday Aug.10th , I think.. seems like used that date already ? Dear Family & Friends, So last night around midnight I was awoken by one of the biggest lightening, thunder, and rain storms I have experienced in a long time. All I could think about was what miserable weather to ride a...
Dear Family & Friends Yesterday Brian rode off by himself to visit a friend so this morning Ray and I got up to face a grey, damp day. We rode for about half an hour until we reached a quaint small town in upper Washington called  Snohomish. I really enjoy these old western towns. Not...
Dear Family & Friends      Thursday Aug.8th? I finally have my motorcycle back and running fine. I was out of the dealer by noon and rode an hour north to meet Brian and Ray.. We spent the afternoon skating the edges of the Cascade Mountain range. Beautiful scenery but tomorrow we get deeper into...
Dear Family & Friends              Wed. Aug. 7th Well it has been a long couple of days but I think victory is at hand.. I made it to the BMW dealer in Victoria but the service department was closed, they didn’t stock parts, and they didn’t sound all that bright...
Dear Family & Friends                   Monday August 10th? Let’s get caught up since it has been a couple of days….. Saturday we left the city of Victoria on our adventure ride. In motorcycling “adventure” usually means off road riding, but to get to the dirt roads...

Hello Canada!

Dear Family & Friends Another report, I don’t even know what day it is. I am losing all track of time, which is a good thing. OK first off on the last report I misspelled MASSAGE. I know how to spell it but it was a typo. My friends will give me...
Friday Aug.2nd Dear Family & Friends, Another day, another adventure…. We got up this morning to what seemed like a beautiful day. We decided to ride for an hour before breakfast so up the coast we went. Beautiful scenery and great roads. I was the ride leader and...
Dear Family & Friends                Day 3Today was probably the most relaxing day of the trip so far. We rode 275 miles but in perfect weather, great views, and relaxing roads. Enough curves to be interesting but fast enough to cover some distance without too much effort. And smooth too!What makes a...
Dear Family & Friends             Day 2 I have to say I woke up today quite sore.. Twelve hours on the bike for the first day was a bit much. We only traveled 350 miles, but they were slow twisty miles which takes more work. Plus sitting that long just...




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