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San Luis Obispo
Wednesday, October 16, 2019
Dear Family & Friends,Today was another day spent in the Swiss Alps. We crossed over the Alps 9 times today using various passes...  The views were beautiful and the roads were anywhere from great to challenging... In one valley we stopped at a 500 year old house that was once inhabited by a local witch. Today it just serves good coffee...Along...
Eating a traditional Swiss meal ordered for me by my friend Georg Donni. It was great!

A day in the Alps!

Dear Family & Friends,If I am going to keep writing these reports I need to work on some new adjectives... what can I say, another amazing day!We left Lake Como and rode along the shore to the end of the lake where we branched off to a pass over the Italian side of the Alps.Pass may be an exaggeration, this...
Dear Family & Friends,Today we left Milan after a very enjoyable visit. I decided to lead this time because I was tired of Duane getting us lost..... so I only made three wrong turns and got us lost all on my own!!... :( ,but we did make it. My excuse is in the big city the tall buildings block the GPS...
Dear Family & Friends,What started out this morning as a simple 1 hour ride to Milan turned into a three hour marathon...  Duane was leading with his trusty GPS and some how continued to get us lost. Now a GPS is a great help in Europe but it does have it's limitations... First it gives you accurate names of...
 Off to Lake Como tomorrow to visit a new friend who lives in the area and will give us a tour of the Alps! Fun, Fun, Fun... There is where we are going to stay, he made the reservations there.... Who says motorcycling has to be roughing it.. :)


 We arrive at the Holy Grail of Ferraris! Even a Ferrari bus! No one could explain to me what a Lambo was doing here??? An assortment of wind tunnel test models in half scale.. The assortment of OEM Ferrari colors... now you know.. The real class, a SWB 250GT... Duane and his hook her... The poor girl was terrified! Ferrari has certainly won their fair share...
[googlemaps https://maps.google.it/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=London,+UK&daddr=Le+Mans,+France+to:Nice,+Francia+to:Monaco-Ville,+Monaco+to:Genova,+GE+to:Florence,+FI,+Italy+to:Hotel+Bologna,+Verona,+VR+to:Maranello,+MO,+Italy+to:Milano,+MI,+Italy&hl=it&geocode=Fa7_EQMd8Cv-_yl13iGvC6DYRzGZKtXdWjqWUg%3BFd6D3AIdhAsDACkxqvMU0ojiRzF_4H1qTF0CaQ%3BFaS_mgIdON1uACkxLYVqENDNEjFwmpf9pRkIBA%3BFU1JmwIdCkdxACnZjssAicLNEjGQK4_9pRkIBA%3BFZKTpQIdUIKIACmtmtTcUkHTEjEKYoEY8YRqIw%3BFZnkmwIdgaGrACmt1tKAplYqEzEDKsfvF3nVkw%3BFe5btQId0L-nACE7YKMetKouZClnf0P3RV9_RzE7YKMetKouZA%3BFd5qpwId-8-lAClXwhWGpuN_RzGKf-VOa6wWPA%3BFW6_tQId1CyMACnndRI_ScGGRzGNDnTGE83_PA&aq=0&oq=milano+italy&sll=44.543505,4.482422&sspn=9.207914,21.335449&vpsrc=6&mra=pr&ie=UTF8&ll=44.543505,4.482422&spn=9.207914,21.335449&t=m&output=embed&w=425&h=350]




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