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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Hello France!

Our first view of France!Does it get any more French than this? It is 9pm at night, it is still sunny and warm, and a cute young French girl is serving us wine and good food?Relaxing to quiche, pasta, and wine.. It is a tough life.....Thirty six hours into the trip and so far so good....When the plane arrived...
While waiting for the ferry my buddy Duane's license plate drew quite a crowd. He has a personal plate  "VAGABUM".. In England there are no personal plates so between being from California and having such an unusual plate the other passenger gathered around to laugh at the plate. As the boarding agent reported the plated to the ship by...
After a year of planning and details we are finally on our way!!good free food, wine, internet, TV, comfy couches, etc.but it is only for first class flyers... That never discourages me.When travelling one must always be resourceful.... We arrived at LAX only to find out our plane was three hours late so we had basically 5 hours to...
We are at LAX. I am flying first class, Duane is in coach. First class has a private waiting lounge with lots of great perks for first class only. Being creative I took Duane there and told the guard was a "Special Needs" senior citizen and was his care taker and needed to watch at all...
I am very lucky to be married to the woman I am married to! She is very supportive of me taking off on these adventures while she stays home and runs the business... :)I sure love you Bonnie!




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