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San Luis Obispo
Saturday, December 5, 2020
We hate to be wimps but it is just to hot here! We arrived at 6pm and it was still 104 out! So we decided to walk around late in the evening when it was only 90 out and take a few photos. Not the best quality. Tomorrow we are going to head north as fast as possible to...
 The coastal views along the road from Nice to Genova A tribute to Ghandi in Italy? A statue full of female body parts, I am not sure what it means but it looks very Italian! I guess Janis Joplin is still popular in Italy... ;)Ciao da Firenze ( Hello from Florence!)Dear Family & Friends,One week and 1600 miles down and tonight we...
 Proof that I road there, the tail end of my motorcycle! The section for the "Cheap" yachts.... Lambos evetywhere... A "Russian" Built Low Rider... I guess money can't buy taste.Even some really nice classics running around.. Every store is a "Designer Label"! No off the shelf dribble here... The Grand Casino This was our $10 bottle of water... at least they serve it with a...
 Hello from Nice, France! What a day!!!We left early in the morning from about 100 miles north of Lyon. For the first half of the day we road again through French country side. Absolutely beautiful. Stunning fields with quaint villages every 1/2 hour or so. The nice thing about motorcycling is you really feel and smell the environment around you as...
[googlemaps https://maps.google.fr/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=Monaco-Ville,+Monaco&daddr=Florence,+Italie+to:Milan,+Italie+to:silvio+pass+switzerland+to:48.1229763,11.5193327+to:B313+to:Krefeld,+Allemagne+to:Calais,+France&hl=fr&geocode=FU1JmwIdCkdxACnZjssAicLNEjGQK4_9pRkIBA%3BFZnkmwIdgaGrACmt1tKAplYqEzEDKsfvF3nVkw%3BFW6_tQId1CyMACnndRI_ScGGRzGNDnTGE83_PA%3BFbXMvQIdNHSIACnTEYNVvS2ERzG17bDl62aCLg%3BFWBM3gIdZMWvACk3jTqqv9idRzEZAwje6npKXw%3BFeIs5gIdmV6OAA%3BFQleDwMd_ntkAClZU15Hq7q4RzFXiNHG7bmiLw%3BFXp0CQMdflwcAClj4_HXdT_cRzH0edKM4Nm-rA&aq=0&oq=calais,+France&sll=47.15984,6.61377&sspn=8.786336,21.335449&vpsrc=6&mra=dpe&mrsp=4&sz=6&via=4&ie=UTF8&ll=47.15984,6.61377&spn=8.786336,21.335449&t=m&output=embed&w=640&h=480]Copiez et collez ce code HTML pour l'intégrer à votre site Web.
 We started off the morning in the most French of ways.... a fresh croissant from a local bakery in downtown Le Mans... Could be any more French with a classic 2CV parked out front?? Inside all the baked good were amazingly good and freshly baked in a large oven built right into the wall Today was by far the best...
 This building was built before Columbus discovered America! The great thing about Europe is that no matter how old the buildings they are still in use!Even the menu at our restaurant had the Le Mans race motif!




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