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Saturday, October 24, 2020
Dear Family & Friends,Another couple of days have passed on our great adventure.. Every day is special.. As Duane says every time you experience something new you gain 75 days of life so I expect to be a very old man!After the Isle of Man we ferried back to Liverpool and rode north to visit some people I have...
 Off to Lake Como tomorrow to visit a new friend who lives in the area and will give us a tour of the Alps! Fun, Fun, Fun... There is where we are going to stay, he made the reservations there.... Who says motorcycling has to be roughing it.. :)


 We arrive at the Holy Grail of Ferraris! Even a Ferrari bus! No one could explain to me what a Lambo was doing here??? An assortment of wind tunnel test models in half scale.. The assortment of OEM Ferrari colors... now you know.. The real class, a SWB 250GT... Duane and his hook her... The poor girl was terrified! Ferrari has certainly won their fair share...
Duane asking around, "Has anybody seen my estate"??Badan Badan is a typical beautiful small size German City..
One of our excellent view spots as well as a traditional English breakfast which I paid for all day.. :(Classic motorcycles offer such great sites and sounds and are still very fast!These were not demonstration races, they went full out wheel to wheel..One of the greatest sounding racing motorcycles of all time,  the Triumph Trident triple..One of my rarest...
Saturday June 23rd Dear Family & Friends, Another day, another bit of culture…. I left my B&B near Oxford this morning and rode an entire 20 minutes to Bicester.. the next town north. Just outside of town there is an abandoned WW2 air field. A few years ago a developer tried to buy it and build a large housing development but a group...
[googlemaps https://maps.google.it/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=London,+UK&daddr=Le+Mans,+France+to:Nice,+Francia+to:Monaco-Ville,+Monaco+to:Genova,+GE+to:Florence,+FI,+Italy+to:Hotel+Bologna,+Verona,+VR+to:Maranello,+MO,+Italy+to:Milano,+MI,+Italy&hl=it&geocode=Fa7_EQMd8Cv-_yl13iGvC6DYRzGZKtXdWjqWUg%3BFd6D3AIdhAsDACkxqvMU0ojiRzF_4H1qTF0CaQ%3BFaS_mgIdON1uACkxLYVqENDNEjFwmpf9pRkIBA%3BFU1JmwIdCkdxACnZjssAicLNEjGQK4_9pRkIBA%3BFZKTpQIdUIKIACmtmtTcUkHTEjEKYoEY8YRqIw%3BFZnkmwIdgaGrACmt1tKAplYqEzEDKsfvF3nVkw%3BFe5btQId0L-nACE7YKMetKouZClnf0P3RV9_RzE7YKMetKouZA%3BFd5qpwId-8-lAClXwhWGpuN_RzGKf-VOa6wWPA%3BFW6_tQId1CyMACnndRI_ScGGRzGNDnTGE83_PA&aq=0&oq=milano+italy&sll=44.543505,4.482422&sspn=9.207914,21.335449&vpsrc=6&mra=pr&ie=UTF8&ll=44.543505,4.482422&spn=9.207914,21.335449&t=m&output=embed&w=425&h=350]
 Dear Family & Friends,We got up this morning excited about going to Goodwood but expecting the worst. The weather report was for lots of rain and the route we had to take is known for HEAVY traffic and long delays.I was pleasantly surprised! The traffic was relatively light ( a few small delays but not bad) and the weather started off...




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