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Next week completes our 45th years in the business of restoring classic cars! After that amount of time there is not much we haven’t repaired, restored, or raced. This weeks blog is just a small sample of the cars and motorcycles we have restored in the last 45 years. Hope you enjoy.
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This is a very special XK120 we did with up graded brakes, suspension, engine, and gearbox…

We even added a modified E Type IRS suspension to this XK120 making it the best performing XK in the world!

This was a very high performance E Type we did for a customer fuel injected performance motor, modern 5 speed gearbox, Wilwood racing brakes and sport suspension.

We also restore components to look and perform better than new!

This was a MK10 Jaguar that we did a full frame up restoration. It was judged by the JCNA to be the best MK10 in the country!

We have done lots of British motorcycles too!

This was another high performance E Type with a customer EFI fuel injection system we developed for the car.

This XK150 we restored about 20 years ago. It was won to many major shows to count. One of the best XKs in the country.!

This was a Groupe R Porsche we painted and was featured on the magazine cover.

A couple of hot rod CBX 6 cylinder motorcycles we designed and built.

A hot Porsche 911 motor for one of the R Groupe Porsches we have built over the years.

Here I am racing my old E Type at Laguna Seca almost 40 years ago!!

A hot Pantera we restored and modified for more power and better handling..

On the was to another win on a Corvette we restored.

A Vincent Blackshadow I restored from a box of parts.

Leading the pack at Sears Point Raceway.

This was a performance MKII Jaguar we restored and modified featured on the cover on a magazine.

Here is a very special XK120 we are building with a V-12 Jaguar motor!

We have restored just about anything with wheels!

Jay Leno enjoying one of our Jaguar specials .. to see more go to:

This is an Austin Healey 3000 we did a full frame up restoration on. It was won so many concours events we lost count!

We have restored many Porsches and modified them for performance too!

This XK120 we restored on 2017. It has won BEST BRITISH CAR at the prestigious Streets of Carmel show.. None better.

Here is a car we designed and built completely from scratch..

Here is a Groupe R Porsche we built for comedian Adam Corolla. Here it is being featured on the cover of a magazine.

This was a 600+ BHP fuel Injected Corvette we restored and built.

Even a hot supercharged Morris Minor motor! Again not much we haven’t restored.

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