Thursday June 14th

Dear Family & Friends,

A quick blog.. As I mentioned I am off to Listowel today to spend the weekend with my lovely wife who is living there for the month of June as an artist in residence.

Last night it was pouring rain and windy but this morning when I woke up it was clear and sunny so I was looking forward to a fun ride. I packed up and went into the hotel dining area for breakfast. By the way I was reading the news on the internet. The hotel WiFi has no password since it is so far from any other human being the only people that would be using it are staying at the hotel!

While I was waiting for breakfast I met a couple from Georgia and we got to talking. It turns out they are in Ireland with 10 teenagers on a religious mission. Each day they HIKE 10 miles to a remote location and spend the day praying. They were telling me this was their 6th day on the mission and the kids were getting grumpy from what they thought was the change of climate and travel exhaustion… I couldn’t imagine any teenager that wouldn’t just love hiking ten miles each day to pray.. they should all be smiling away, but when they appeared for breakfast they were all fairly sullen.

After breakfast I again looked out the window and it was windy and pouring rain again!! I have ridden in worse but it wouldn’t be my first choice. So I went back to my room and finished packed hoping the weather would change..

Sure enough the next time I looked out side the storm was gone and I was ready to ride.

Ireland is a very small country. On a big map things look far apart but in reality my destination for the day was less than an hours ride if I took a direct route…. what fun would that be?

So I took another little two lane road and roamed the country side until I came to a road leading to Connor Pass. What a spectacular road. Going up the pass was typical rural Ireland but once I reached the top ahead of me was a spectacular view of expansive valleys full of lakes and the ocean beyond. The road turned even narrower and was sheer wall on one side and sheer cliff on the other.. best to stay on the road! 

 I rode down the mountain and enjoyed every minute of it.. Here is a link to a short video I took It gives you a feel for the road and some country side but unfortunately could not capture the over all views. Hope you enjoy it..

A couple of hours later I made my way to Listowell and was warmly greeted by my wife.. Should be a fun weekend.



Below are a few views of the ocean this morning as I left my hotel..

Below is looking down from the top of Connor Pass.

Best to stay on the road!! That is  two lane road ahead.. by Irish standards.

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