Our local active motorcycle club is the Coast Riders and April 27th& 28th we rode from SLO to Willow Springs Raceway near Rosamond, CA for the annual vintage motorcycle races. Always a fun event. I love the old bikes because they are so different and you can really see how they work. 100% mechanical with no fancy electronics or hidden features. The weekend did include races for the modern Battle of twins, large capacity two cylinder motorcycles and modern sidecar racing which certainly takes a certain kind of madness… Hope you enjoy these photos of the machinery.


A beautiful Matchess 500cc GP race bike from the 1950s..
Moto Guzzi racer
I mentioned side car racers are quite mad?? Notice the “Monkey” that is the term for the passenger. This was a husband and wife team the Monkey was is wife who had to be close to 70 but definitely young at heart!!
One of my favorites, a very rare Norton Manx GP bike. This is a very rare and VALUABLE motorcycle out racing hard.
The weekend also included a swap meet. This is exactly what everyone needs, a British Speedway bike…
This is a first! A WWII Harley Davidson war bike converted into a racer…?
Part of the infield motorcycle show.
A $35K+ Norton race bike out being raced hard and fast!
This photo does not do the bike justice. It was a completely hand fabricate frame and bits using a Norton motor
A modern Battle of the Twins motorcycle
What did they do to this rare Ariel Sq.4????
How an Ariel Sq 4 should look

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