Day 10

Dear Family & Friends,

OK one last blog report and you won’t have to put up with my emails for a while.
This morning I left Crescent City, CA. bright and early. That is just about the farthest northern coastal city in California. For the next hour it was my last bit of coastal riding.. As is usual along the coast it was foggy, cool, and damp. A nice change from the heat.
I rode about an hour and half to Eureka and stopped at one of my favorite travel cafes, The Black Lightening Cafe. It is a motorcycle themed cafe and coffee shop. If your into motorcycles, good coffee, or good food it is a must stop. It is an easy find. When going along Hwy 101 through Eureka when you come to street “F” go east (inland) about a block and half and it is on the right side. The place is full of classic motorcycles, motorcycle clothing, and memorabilia. They also have a full cafe and coffee bar.
I was just going to have toast and coffee but the staff talked me into one of their specialties… A toasted everything bagel, with cream cheese, and piled high with pieces of crispy bacon.. Wow was it tasty and I think reasonably healthy since it had all the basic food groups, fat, salt, and carbs.
As I was eating an old man (about my age) came over to my table and asked me about my motorcycle outside. We got to talking and told him about some of my trips. Not only was he impressed but the owner of the cafe came over and we started talking. Turns out we have a common friend, Clement Salvadori, world famous motorcycle rider and travel writer.. (Clem if you read this he wants to you to come back and judge his show. I told him I would ride with you.) That was exciting enough but then it turned out he reads my travel blog! So by the time I left he took a photo of me with my motorcycle in front of the cafe for their website.. I am getting famous for BS.
The rest of the day was an easy and uneventful ride down to the Bay Area. As 101 turn inland the temperature went from low 60s to low 90s.. Quite a change.
Just as I was getting to the Richmond Bridge (which I needed to cross) a sign came on saying an accident on bridge was causing delays.. The traffic was at standstill for about 3 miles before the bridge and most of the way over. Luckily I was on my motorcycle and after crossing London on a MC I was now an expert on lane splitting. So what could have taken hours took about 45 minutes.
Tonight I am staying in Berkeley, or as I used to call it Bezerkeley! It brings back a lot of good memories visiting my daughter Hannah here when she was a student. A crazy area but full of excitement and free thinkers.
Tomorrow morning I head down to Fantasy Junction, a very high end exotic and collector car dealer. I have a customer in the UK that wants me to check out a Ferrari for him. It will require and thorough inspection and a full test drive.. A tough job, but someone has to do it.
After that a quick four hour ride home and back to my sweetheart.

That’s it for this trip!


PS: My buddies at the Black Horse Coffee shop, please have my chair vacant this Saturday!! 😉

“Creative Writing uninhibited by grammar or spelling”

Northern California Coastline

For more info on the cafe go to their web site at:

Motorcycle heaven
Good food and coffee too.
This must rank in the top 5 of the most fattening and unhealthy meals I have eaten… 🙁

Next stop, Fantasy Junction
Always a nice selection of toys
The car I need to check out.. It is a tough job….

To see more of Fantasy Junction go to their website at:

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