Day 3

Dear Family & Friends,

One more day’s ride to our first destination, Salt Lake City, Ut. The ride should only be a few hours but we wanted to leave early to avoid the heat.
So we found a classic road side dive dinner and had a good travel breakfast. Normally we ride an hour or so before breakfast, but once we leave Ely there is NOTHING for the next 120+ miles…
One thing I have noticed in Ely and many of the other old towns we have passed through on this trip is beautiful old west buildings just rotting away. Some are old court houses, some hotels, some bars and social places, and some great pioneer homes.. It is a shame our country does not treasure our rich western history and restore these buildings.. You would never see old buildings like these rotting away in Europe. They maintain them for centuries.
The ride from Ely to Wendover was generally boring but at least not to hot.
About 45 minutes from Wendover I started needing to go to the bathroom badly.. Let me tell you it is extremely hard to ride a motorcycle with your legs crossed. I thought I could hold out with Wendover in sight, but one mile from town we hit a 30 minute delay due to road construction!!! As soon as we got moving again I made a bee line to the first gas station. I made it to the bathroom in time but let me tell you if it had been three steps further it could have been ugly.. Next time I cross the desert I am bringing toilet paper!!
Once we gassed up, relieved ourselves and had some water we headed out of Wendover and made a quick stop at the Bonneville Salt Flats where they race for land speed records. It is literally just down the road. The last time I was there I could not go out to the racing area do to flooding.. This time we rode out to the very end of the pavement and the staging area in the salt. When you look at from there, as far as the eye can see it is white, white salt.. One thing for sure the world will never run out of salt. Standing in this vast area of barren white salt it almost feels like another planet, or maybe the surface of the sun… its hot here!
While I was standing there a Chinese lady who barely spoke English asked me is this where they race the cars. I told her yes. Then she asked me if should could drive as fast as she wanted to on the access road (pavement). I tried to explain it to her that the road was only to get to this spot, all racing was done on the salt. I told go out on the salt and have a go at a new record. I am not sure if she took me seriously.
From Bonneville we road about an hour and half to Salt Lake City.. We are here for the next three days attending the national BMW motorcycle riders convention. We are staying at the fabulous SLC Airport Motel 6. Conveniently located between a major interstate freeway and SLC Airport, thus assuring not a moment of silence…. I will say that this town is loaded with BMW motorcycles. Where ever we go including our motel, the parking lot is loaded with BMWs.. Should be a fun event if we can stand the predicted 100+ degree heat. I’ll let you know tomorrow.
One last note.. Yesterday when we rode down the eastern side of the Sierras Brian shot a very nice video of him right behind me going down the mountain on a delightful twisty road with great scenery. Click here to see it:

Signing out for tonight.

“Creative Writing uninhibited by grammar or spelling”

A lot of nothing over looking the Salt Falts
Our ride leader! Brian
Every where you look the emptiness is so dramatic it its own way.. Like standing on another planet.
The Man staking his claim to this barren land.. Who the hell moved here original of their own free will???
Amazing fete of skill and daring took place on this very spot.
My Noble Stead.
Here was my morning travel breakfast.. Notice no carbs or sugars at all. At some point my pants have to start loosening up??
I am starting to notice this instructional books all over the place in the classy diners we visit.. I think it is the areas substitution for colleges and schools of higher learning.. Bring knowledge to the people.!!!
Here I am parked less than a mile from Wendover desperately in need of a bathroom. If the photo is blurred that is because I was jumping up and down so much… 🙁

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