All packed and ready to roll… Looking forward to a drive up HWY1

A stop in Cambria for lunch..

I am lucky to be married to this beautiful woman… Over looking Big Sur.

Even 928 Porsches are collector cars now..

Showing the SS100 at the Carmel by the Sea Concours.

The Pacific Grove SMALL CAR SHOW..

The oldest and newest Jaguar sports cars parked across the street from each other..

Am I missing something?? Isn’t this vinyl?? I guess it you call it VEGAN you can charge twice as much.

A romantic diner overlooking Monterey Bay.

A busy day driving all over Monterey so now it is time for a rest..

What a tacky way to sell a Bently…. A bumper sticker with a price and phone number… ;(

At a very high end private party overlooking Spanish Bay at Pebble Beach..

A day showing at The Quail show.

Miniature Porsches with a memory chip built in…

A 2015 fully equipped Porsche Turbo S.. Only $245,000…


Prototype Bently sports car.

A La Ferrari,,absolutely common this weekend.

This private helicopter was shuttling contestants between the track and the show so they could to two events at once…

The Jaguar XJ5, one GREAT looking race car built in American with Jaguar power.

An amazingly tame parrot..

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