Dear Family & Friends,

What an amazing trip so far.. Lots of challenges, surprises, fun, and culture…
One of the biggest surprises of the trip is how well Bonnie is doing on a fairly challenging motorcycle trip.. For her first time she is amazing everyone! From the minute we left she has been excited, happy, smiling, and willing to try it all. Nothing has fazed her and for a first ride there has been a lot. First 700 miles in three days is a lot for a person that has never ridden 10 miles.. Then we have met unusual cold, rain, floods and mud, innumerable pot holes, and some really NASTY big city traffic. One day it was a long ride and our guide got lost. 10 hours on the road, arriving in bad traffic and getting lost so we didn’t arrive until 7:30PM. Through all that she has remained calm, smiling, and positive. When the rest of the group found out this was her first ride she got a standing ovation! Kim and Becky coined a new knick name for her,,,, “Bonnie Zen” because she is so calm. She has been a great riding companion and has made the trip for me. On one mountain pass that was very twisty she was so calm she remove a glove, pulled out her cell phone and started taking photos!! Now we have some great action pictures to post…

Another thing I have learned is that after 45 years of riding motorcycles with guys, women are much more fun!! I am traveling with three beautiful women who are great company and always fun to be with. 
Another dramatic difference between riding with guys and gals is in the evening.. After a long ride this is a typical conversation I would have with a guy I am traveling with….

ME:  “I am exhausted, we rode 12 hours on the road today and over 500 miles so I am going to bed.”
Guy: “You are such a pu—y, I have ridden more than that!”
ME; “F—k you!”
Guy;”F—k you back!”
Me:”Good night”
Guy” “Good night”

This is how the same evening conversation goes with three women:

ME: “I am exhausted, we rode 10 hours on the road today and over 350 miles so I am going to bed.”
Three gals: They all give me a hug and and kiss and thank me for a wonderful day.

Who do you think I will be riding with in the future??

Monday was a long day. We left Monterey, Mx and on to San Luis Pitosi. On the map it is not that far, 350 miles… but Mexican miles are MUCH longer. Traffic, winding roads, and more pot holes that you can count.. Pot holes are not fun to hit on a motorcycle so lots of weaving to avoid them. (Mexico could have 100% employment if they just hired the necessary people to fill the pot holes!) We did ride over a nice mountain pass where the roads were smooth and the scenery was great. Bonnie was so relaxed ,even on this twisty pass she got so good photos. 
Then we crossed a valley where the was road one 100% straight as far as the eye could see. Not an exciting road but the scenery was good. 
Along side of the road in this valley were small children playing right next to the road with no adults around. Occasionally you would see a women in traditional Indian dress sitting under a bush or primitive tent. We asked what the story was about these people. We were told these were the original native people of the valley. As a modern way of life came to the area they simply could not adapt. The have no homes and live in the desert under the bushes. They eat whatever they can find, snakes, rats, rodents, etc. and simply exist. No education, no jobs, no future.. Sad but simply the end of the evolutionary line for these people. They simply cannot fit into the modern world, and in this valley even “modern” is a relative term…Mexico for the most part is still a 3rd world country with pockets of prosperity and advancement.
After a very long day we finally made it to San Luis Pitosi. This is a fairly large city and arriving at 5:30pm the rush hour traffic was a handful to say the least. Lots of weaving and dodging cars and through it all Bonnie remained perfectly calm… Then our tour guides GPS went out and we spent 45 mins wandering through city traffic to find our hotel.. Eventually we got there and it was well worth the struggle! We stayed at the Westin Hotel and quite amazingly it was one of the fanciest hotels I have ever stayed in anywhere in the world! Our room was huge and beautifully decorated. 
To celebrate we went straight to the bar. Bonnie, Kim, and Becky ordered up beers with Taquilla chasers! After a couple of those the girls were happy, laughing, and definitely feeling no pain.. (that would come in the AM!). I stuck to one Margarita so I could help Bonnie back to the room.
After drinks everyone on the ride gathered for dinner. The hotel set up a complete banquet in the bar just for us and it was terrific.
One thing I have learned is that on MC trips there is always ups and downs, but in a short time you only remember the good times so spirits were high.
The next morning we slept in a bit since it was a relatively short riding day… We met for breakfast feeling excited about the day,,,, some with a Taquilla hangover…. no names will be revealed.
Bonnie and I decided to eat a light breakfast, it is easier to ride that way but when we walked into the room the hotel had for us it was like a giant ball room with an amazing buffet of assorted Mexican breakfast much for the diet. This may be the last ride I take for a while until I lose enough weight to wear my motorcycle pants again!
We rode for about an hour and stopped of for a visit in a beautiful colonial town called Victoria Hidalgo. Colonial towns in Mexico are towns original built by the Spanish and they are by far the most beautiful to see. This town was name after a priest named Hidalgo and it was the very spot were the Father Hidalgo started the up rising that lead to the independence of Mexico from Spain. It is a very historic and revered town. After a bit of site seeing and lunch we rode a short distance to San Miguel Allende.
This is our main destination and we were all relieved to be there. After 700 miles on the motorcycles the ladies all had enough! We quickly cleaned up and got our of our motorcycle gear and started sight seeing. San Miguel is a BEAUTIFUL city with lots to do. Of course the first requirement was a quick trip to bar on the plaza and we each had a medicinal Margarita… A drink that is an amazing attitude fixer… With smiles on our faces we walked around town, me photographing and the ladies exploring shopping. I think we are going to do some serious shopping.
The night finished off with a great dinner and relaxed feeling that for the next two days there is no motorcycle riding…


PS: We are traveling with a company called Motodiscovery, run by Skip and Nancy. This is my third trip with them and I cannot recommend them enough. The tours are always GREAT and the staff are wonderful. The best part is every time I go I feel like I am traveling with friends! For more info go to:
My intrepid motorcyclist and sweetheart.

The “GANG”.. traveling with women motorcyclist is definitely more fun!

In front of the church in Victoria Hidalgo. The very spot were the revolution against Spain started.

Bonnie and our guide Skip. He is the owner of Motodiscovery, the tour company we are traveling with. I cannot praise them enough!

Skip and Nancy. Skip is our guide and Nancy is the brains of the organization.. Sound familiar??


A monument to Father Hidalgo

Jessica’s Shoes… My daughter has been here already??

Every colonial town in Mexico has a beautiful park and town square.

Some of the other travelers riding with us. It really feels like just a group of friends out for fun and adventure.

We’ve made it!! Entering the town square at San Miguel Allende!!

Let the shopping begin….:)

When we finally made it to San Miguel Allende it was time for the ladies to celebrate and cool off with a beer. When we started this trip it was in the 30s and now it is in the 80s… nice!


Notice the subtle hint… no more photos…

Even a simple and modest stair way has beauty in this town..

So colorful here!

They really have something going for the dead here.

Where we ate dinner.

Becky and Bonnie enjoying a relaxing moment.

Still lots of X-mass decorations and celebrating going on here.

Night time in San Miguel Allende

The town square in SMA is full of life and activities.

We Jews show up EVERYWHERE…!!

The Happy Motorcyclist!

Our “Modest” Hotel in San Luis Polotsi

Breakfast is served… who says motorcycling has to be all tough..??

From here down are photos Bonnie took from the motorcycle while riding!! She was so relaxed and her balance was excellent. She is like seasoned pro!!

A motorcycle riding “SELFIE!”

Did I mention LOTS of mud??

 All of the following photos were taken by Bonnie while riding!!!

This was one long straight road… as far as the eye could see no turns..

Road side stretching….:)

Our room… 🙂

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