Jason Len and his XKs Unlimited may be better known for their Jaguar work, but they know how to work on other marques as well. Adam Carolla’s 1972 Porsche 911T done up like an RS model is an example of their handiwork.
Like his 510, Adam’s 911 combines retro-cool looks with some later-model hardware. The Porsche features updated engine, as XKs Unlimited installed a 3.0-liter powerplant originally fitted to an SC model. The engine has been hotted up a bit with ported headwork, S-spec camshafts, forged pistons, ARP hardware and a set of TWM throttle bodies controlled by a MoTec ECU. The resulting combination produces 245 horsepower.
Of course they couldn’t leave the suspension stock, either, so they fitted larger anti-roll bars and torsion bars, polyurethane bushings and Turbo-spec tie-rods, a popular 911 upgrade. Braking improvements include aluminum S-series calipers along with braided lines.
Many of the visual clues are correct for an RS model, however, as the Recaro seats and interior door panels are true RS pieces. The front bumper and the duck tail mirror the originals found on an RS, while XKs Unlimited hand-formed 

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