Dear Family & Friends,

Today I actually had to do some work!! First thing in the morning I went out to the track and helped set up our display booth for the weekend… It was both exciting and sad to be at the track. To see, hear, and smell all these great  race cars and not being racing myself was really a downer!
After I finished at the track I went back to my room and did some business work on the computer and then cleaned up for an evening of parties..
First I went to a friends house who has a magnificent home in Pebble Beach. One of the most beautiful homes I have ever been in. They own a winery too so the wine was absolutely first class. And the food was totally amazing, crab rolls, artichoke hearts stuffed with crab, Kobe Beef sliders, and more.. I hate to say it but after having Kobe beef I will never enjoy a regular hamburger again!! I didn’t realize how good beef could taste… 
Not only was the home, food, and wine first class but more importantly the host and hostess are the nicest and most gracious people you would want to meet. A delightful time. I have been to their house many times before for this party and it is always one of the highlights for me during car week.
From there I went over to the Baja Cantina. A famous restaurant and bar in Carmel Valley. Every Thursday night before the Monterey Races they have a BIG car party there. The parking lot of the restaurant is a first class car show in itself.
Some friends called me earlier in the day and invited me to meet them there.. Unfortunately by the time I got there they had already left… something about being to tired.. What is happening to all my friends, they are getting old just like me……
On a side note tonight was the start of the big auctions… RM featured a 250 GTO Ferrari. The last one sold a few years ago for $53,000,000 and they were expecting to get close to $75,000,000 for this one.. Either the market is softening or the car did not have good history but it ONLY brought $34,500,000. Someone had to be disappointed…
Tomorrow is a much bigger day with the Rennwerks Porsche event… I know it is the dark side but I do love my Porsche and I have friends there so it should be fun. Will post lots of photos tomorrow.


A Ferrari that sold for ONLY $34,500,000. If I had known it was going for such a reasonable price I would have brought my check book…

This young woman was an amazing artist. Over the course of a couple days she painted this detailed fine art painting the Monaco GP back in the 1950s. She was so casual about it, even painting out of a Dixie cup!

Time to set up our display….

Now this is what I can an entry way!!

Above and below are the views out the back balcony overlooking Spanish Bay in P.B.. It simply doesn’t get better than this….

Partying with the Jet Set…I hope it wasn’t to tacky to take photos… 🙁

My Turbo was right at home here… 🙂

Above and below was the parking lot at the Baja Catina. Quite the happening place..

IF it has wheels it shows up here…

These cars are in a restaurant parking lot, not the pits of a race track!

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